Welcome to the 2015 Rebuild of the Entropia Directory.

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STAGE ONE of our rebuild prior to a 2016 relaunch will focus entirely around HUNTING on CALYPSO.

To help us build an ALWAYS UP TO DATE Mob Map of the popular grinding mobs on Planet Calypso, please add your best hunting locations for the following Daily/Iron Mission Mobs.

Best Mob Spawns – Calypso

Screenshot by Bred Stalker Danton
Screenshot by Bred Stalker Danton


  1. Name of the closest TP is fine.
  2. Adding a direction from the TP is helpful, but optional.
  3. Exact co-ordinates only if you have them on hand.
  4. Skip a mob if you can’t remember.
  5. Thank for doing this 🙂

We have something sexy and functional in the works and always using ONLY the most current data.