Planet Calypso Mob Chart

On Planet Calypso the Entropia Mobs are lootable creatures with specific attributes and abilities. They attack depending on their individual aggression levels and with their specific damage types.

There are 121 different [[Planet Calypso]] [Mobs] all currently living on the Planet or the Space Stations in orbit around it.

HOWEVER: Our unique 2015 guide lists only the Mobs that will give you bonus rewards each time you kill an increasing quota of missions.

Using this guide it is possible to stack as many as 4 missions while hunting one Mob.

SMART HUNTING: Start by selecting your Daily Missions in game… Abandon any that do not have Long Mission chains corresponding to the same Mob. You are now getting two bonuses from one hunt. Finally cross reference the Short Mission column with your Mission Window in game, to see if you add a third and fourth mission to your stack.

If you run out of Daily Missions that correspond as per above, go back to grinding one of your Long Mission chains.

The first column in the chart below is an indication of the Mobs level, based on youngest maturity. We’ve also include a quick reference for Best Mob Spawn location plus the damage types you’ll be up against with a recommended armor set for each Mob.

Don’t expect to profit unless you strike an uber loot, this should be treated as a Pay to Play activity with an 90% return rate. There will times when you can easily spend 250 PED a day with only 100 PED return (plus your skills).

L00Chirpynone1-Bonus TokensMedusa & E of Fort Victoria (54000, 61300)
L00Gibnibnone-Medusa & E of Fort Victoria (54000, 61300)
L01PunyECOIRONNE of Half Moon Cove (64300, 89800)
L02KerberosImp > CutECO+2a1IRONnorth of Boreas, also in the mix at Ft.Isis
L02SabakumaStbECO+5b-Hunters for hire, Sand demons, The daily poacher (daily), The poacher huntNaval Station Triton (40409, 58689)
L02ShinkibaImpECO1IRONHunt young & mature at Swamp Camp
L02Snablesnot-FemaleAcdGremlin1-Snablesnot-female huntingCamp Pheonix (62500, 82500)
L02Snablesnot-MaleAcdGremlin1-Snablesnot-male huntingCamp Pheonix (62500, 82500)
L03BerycledImpECOIRONProtect the teleportersCamp Pheonix (62500, 82500)
L03CombiboImp > CutECO+2a1IRON87200,77200 Chatau Liberte - island south of Nymphtown
L03DiakibaImp > StbECO+5b3-Kill 100 Diakiba & Kill'em all! (Bridge Islands)Bull Pen WAVE (55400, 64000)
L03PrancerStbECO1IRONNE of Fort Argus (76316, 94476)
L03Spider BomberElcECO+6b2-
L04AttackerBrn > PenECO+3b2-
L04CornundacaudaImp ECO+1aIRON85800,94900 - just west of Zeus across river.
L04FoulImpECO+1a 1IRON
L04IgniStb > ElcECO+6b1-Help clear the area
L05ArgonautImp > CutECO+2b (5b Optional)2IRON (78400, 78000)
L05CornundosImpECO+1a (5b Optional)1-
L05DiripiImp ECO+1a (5b Optional)3-Help clear the area (51588, 63664 - Bridge Island)Camouflaged camp
L05FaucervixImp > CutECO+2b (5b Optional)1-80500, 71700 weakest maturitys
L05MerpImp > StbECO+5b1IRONOrthos (64200, 78100)
L05MournerImpECO+3b (5b Optional)1-
L05RippersnapperCut > StbECO+5b1IRONSomething fishy, South of Nymphtown
L05TripudionImpECO+5b1-Hunting down Tripudions, No one likes frogs,
L06Armax CowImp =StbECO+5bIRONN of Shinook Jungle (28290, 51670)
L06BristlehogElcECO+1c2-36400, 57100
L06Traeskeron1ExterminatorFind the lost vehicle parts, Hunt the killers, Kill'em all!, Kill the Traeskerons, Kill more Traeskerons, The final blow, Thirst for revenge
L06TrilomiteElcECO+1c1IRON31045, 30027 AOL #15
L07HiryuuStb/ImpECO+5b1IRONSW of Aegis Mound (74000, 84000)
L07LonguImp > CutECO+5bIRONAOL#06 Club Sweat (37976, 39825)
L07MoliskImp > CutECO+5b1IRONHunt some (local 55568, 61818)S of Megavolt (59100, 83800)
L08DroneBrn > PenSTN+6a2IRONFurther investigation (local), RobohunterNorth of Jason Center - 75900.80900 weakest maturitys
L09Armax BullStb = ImpSTN2IRONHunt some (55568, 61818) - Bridge Islands58700, 80900
L09AtraxStb > Cut > ImpSTN2IRONHunt some (55568, 61818) - Bridge Islands
L09Sonic SquidImp > ElcECO+6b2-
L10GokibusagiStb/CutSTN2IRONClearing the swamp, Complete the wave, Kill'em all!, Heart of the swamp wave event (55800, 62650)
L10Thorifoid BeserkerImp2-The daily hunter
L11NexnecisStb > Cut2-
L11Thorifoid ShamanCld2-The daily hunter
L11Thorio MaleImp > Cut2-Hunt some (local 55568, 61818), The daily hunter
L12Boorum MaleImp > Cut2-
L12LongtoothImp IRON
L13FeffoidCld > ImpECO +5d (optional)1IRONGet the crystalsfort fury - all around there but I usually go west unless its crowded.
L14AllophylElc > Imp3IRONThe allophys (52200, 64100) - Bridge Islands
L14Drone CoordinatorBrn > Pen2
L14ItumatroxPen > Imp3-
L14OculusElectricT-bird(L)+6B or 5E(L)3IRONNW of Silver Ridge (32200, 38400)
L15Mind ReaverCold / PenPolaris +5d or 5bIRONThe Reaver's Redemption: Stage I & II
L15Tsk TskPen > Imp3-
L16DrokaBrn > PenIRON
L16Steel BirdBrn > ElcTbird+6b or Pegasus(L) IRON
L17AtroxImp > Cut > StaSTN+5b3IRON66800,88500 young trox, close service center.
L17Primordial LonguStb=Cut=Imp>PenSTN+5bIRON21900, 33881
L17TrooperBrn = PenPegasus(L) +6b (optional)2IRONWest from Osere & Fort Troy
L18MaffoidImp > CutJarhead/Ghost +5b3IRONThe missing parts62200, 86200 - dustkeep valley
L20EstophylImp > ElcSTN+6b3IRON66720, 84900 (2nd new estates)71700, 78400
L20WarriorBur>Pen>Imp>CutCetus(L)+6a or Pegasus(L)2IRONWest from Osere & Fort Troy
L21FormicacidaAcd = Stb = Cut3IRONAOL #21 (NE of Wolverine Hope)
L21HispidusCut.ImpSTN+5b3IRONNE of Solfias Crater
L21NeconuImp = CutIRON
L22RextelumCut > Stb = ImpExterminatorMore poison, Rextelum chitin fragments, The poacher hunt
L23FeffoxCut>Imp>Stb>CldECO+5a or STN+5d3IRONSE of Fort Zeus (88989, 92702)
L23MarcimexStb = ImpJarhead+5b2IRONVault Hunter mission to unlock Cyclops DepthsCylcops Depths (76871, 70969)
L23SumimaImp >Brn > ElcPerseus(L) +6b3IRON
L25AmbulimaxImp STN +5b3IRON
L25CornoanterionCut = ImpJarhead+Pulsar83IRON
L26EvisceratorElc > StbThunderbird(L)+5b3IRON80500, 71700 weakest maturitys
L26KingfisherImp = StbIRON
L27LeviathanImp > Acd > CutPerseus(L) +5d3LOONEY
L28CaperonImp > AcidPerseus(L) +5b0noStay Away from Da ShroomsN of Troy (80500, 68500)
L28LegionaireBrn > Pen > ImpPegasus(L) +6a (optional)3IRONThe Robot Commander, Walking the pathWest from Osere
L28PhasmCut > Imp3-
L31HoggloImp > Stb > CutPerseus(L) +5bIRON
L31ScipulorStb >Cut > ImpSTN or Solir(L) +5b3IRON
L33AurliStb=Imp>Acd>CutAquilla(L) + 5D3IRON
L33Broods of Bram3-
L34KreltinImp > AcdACID3IRON
L35FrescoqudaAcd > Imp3-
L36FalxangiusImp > Cut3IRON
L42LetomieStb = Acd3-
L43Grand FormidonStb > Pen > Imp3-
L44ProteronAcd > Stb = ImpPerseus(L)+Pulsar4(L)3IRONProteron&Mulmun 77800, 67900
L49OsseocollumStb = CutIRON
L52AraneatroxStb = Cut = ImpIRON
L52EomonImp = StbIRON
L61WarlockImp = Stb = Cut0IRON