Our History

Our OLD wiki has been archived.

The 10 Year History of Our Entropia Website

JD joined Entropia (then called Project Entropia) in 2003.

The Entropia Directory was formed in late 2005 and in early 2006 we developed the wiki.

At this time there was:

  • One planet: Calypso
  • One forum: EntropiaForum.com
  • One chart wiki: Entropedia.info
  • One traditional wiki: EntropiaDirectory.com

Our wiki was originally www.PEdirectory.info

Prior to that, the only valuable resource was the Entropia Pioneers website (2003 – 2006), where the very first Maps and Charts were created. www.Entropia-Pioneers.kicks-ass.org will be remembered fondly by old school Entropians. Tragically their server crashed in 2006 and all the data was lost.

For raw, but often unverified data, Entropedia was king.

The independant Entropia Forum was the most popular forum and later sold it’s database to become the Planet Calypso Forum.

Other sites like Bob the Builder and Zaps Loots, were also an important resource.

With over 2000 pages, the Entropia Directory wiki quickly became know for it’s guides, our 100% confirmed data, and more specifically our land area, mining and hunting charts. However, with the introduction of new planets, we decided to wait until the new system settled before investing more time and funds into a comprehesive and up-to-date wiki. With planet releases postponed and development slow that wait was been almost two years.

We then decided to wait another
two years while JD developed a better system to collect data from Entropia and upload it to our servers.

This technology is now ready and due to the overwhelming amount of data from the many “little used” planets that have now arrived. We have decide to go back to out roots and focus entirely on Planet Calypso.

Entropia Directory was one of the first Entropia Businesses to employ and pay many players on a monthly basis to manually update our information. The funding for this came from some of the very first entrepenuers in Entropia, our sponsors.

That first wiki is still online and will be available here as an archive and a historical insight into the universe that was.
» Entropia Wiki — [link yet to be added /wiki]

We will not being going ahead with our old vision of creating a wiki that includes every detail for every item that exist inside the virtual world of Entropia. Instead we beleive that… information is best when it is uncluttered, brief and supported with great visual content.

This new website will only contain important and usefull; data, applications and directory listings that are first qualified based on their value and usability. Additions that make it to our new directory will be beta tested by our own society and only retained if our members continue to use them.