The Entropia Universe directory started back in 2005 as a full and complete WIKI of everything (absolutely everything) within the Entropia Universe.

Our society was one of the first in Entropia to actually employ people on a regular basis inside the Entropia Universe.

Our trained and trusted, data collecting scouts would scour Entropia’s virtual universe and input the collected data into our wiki and charts in return for PED.

Over the years we have come to realise three things:

  • Less is More
    Everyone hates having to wade through pages and pages of data, forum posts, and charts just to get what they NEED to know.
    Therefore our new site will only be highlighting the important, proven and useful information.
    We have no intention of listing every mob and mission from every Entropia location or planet, when some of those locations are not worth visiting.
  • Who Are YOU
    In order to cater better to one target audience, we will NO LONGER attempt to supply information to every type and level of player.
    The new Entropia Universe Directory will be for NEWBIES and BEGINNERS…
    That means we can create smaller and easier to navigate charts, lists and guides specifically targeted to the newcomer.
    When the time is right we will guide players to the many useful resources for EU that are scattered across numerous websites.
  • The Gloves Are Off
    Fan Boy sites help no-one… Yes we would like to see the Entropia community grow, but not at any cost and not under false hype and exaggerated truths designed to lure people in.
    Our new site will have a heavy focus on candid and independant reviews of Planets, Stores and People’s services.
    No paid listings. our seasoned society of players will review the developer and player services and if we thinks it sucks… We will be saying so!

So basically from we once were we will be devolving and deconstructing…

PLEASE BE PATIENT » While this Entropia Universe directory is UNDER DECONSTRUCTION.