There a many reports around that Entropia is a scam and frankly the marketing arm of ‘MindArk PE AB’ and its associated and affiliated companies are to blame…

  1. All the early marketing was based on the ‘Real Cash Economy’ and the so-called ability to earn real money in Entropia.
    The reality is, for the time it takes to create unfunded wealth in Entropia, you would be better off picking up aluminium cans around your neighbourhood and selling them to a scrap metal merchant. So why do so many people still do the boring tasks in Entropia (like Sweating) that can earn you some PED?

    • They can sit on the arse, be IN the game, be social, develop in-game contacts, get skills and have a browser window open on a second screen and goof off on Facebook.
    • They small amounts of PED they accumulate are being saved towards a dream of one day buying a gun, some ammo and getting one of the BIG LOOT wins that scroll past the chat window every few minutes.
    • Entropia has all the hallmarks that make for an addictive virtual experience and while the main professions like Hunting, Mining and Crafting are technically not considered to be ‘Gambling’ every time you click during those activities your return is predominately based on luck, with some menial support from your accumulated skills and equipment.
  2. Most of the massive player influxes into the Entropia Universe happened when real players spent enormous sums of money in Entropia on Virtual income returning properties.
    • The $25,000 dollars payed for Treasure Island
    • The $100,000 dollars paid for the Space Station above Calypso

    And while those two scenarios did create a more than decent on the investment made by the original purchasers, there are countless untold stories of people who have invested small to large sums of money into Entropia and have not recieved any return that would be considered profitable.

  3. It is IMPORTANT to remember that Entropia is a business and must make a profit to survive and that profit must come from the player-base
    So is Entropia really FREE TO PLAY, technically yes, but as an actual playable experience comparable to others games… NO!
    Lets take a example of the actual experience you can expect from Hunting for example:

    • Spend $30 on ammo for a decent, mid-level, Saturday evening hunting session
    • The average return you can expect will be 90%, meaning you are paying about $3 for approximately 3 hours of grinding.
    • A typical and not that uncommon, worst case scenarios would be a 60% return
    • A typical good case scenario would be a 150% return on your investment
    • BUT overall and over your gaming life (even if you hit a big jackpot) your expected return on your ammo and repair expenses will likely even out to 90%, and that is not including all the money you will be tempted to spend on expenses virtual toys.