This 2015 report for the Entropia Traeskeron Mission combines two missions for maximum efficiency plus an in-depth look at Traeskeron locations, damage, loot and the wave event…

Avoiding the lag in Twin Peaks I headed to the Cape Corinth to collect my Daily Missions. The Cape Corinth Teleporter (61753, 87921) is on the roof and outside the main tower. Heading inside you’ll see 2 blue terminals or sign, the one on the right is Daily Mission Terminal. I always collect all the missions and then I work out which mission to do based on the chance to combine a Daily Mission with an ongoing Iron Challenge Mission or a regular Chain Mission.

Referencing our Calypso Hunter’s Chart I could quickly determine that I could combine 2 missions, plus what level mob I’de be up against, what armour to wear and the most fun and efficient place to hunt Traeskeron.

Traeskeron Mission – Combos

  • The Daily Hunter Category 1: Traeskeron
    • Daily Mission Terminal (61774, 88019)
    • 50 Kills = 1 Combat Token
  • The Kill the Traeskerons mission chain
    • Henry Johnson (50499, 60380)
    • 100 kills = Rifle skill implant
      • Unlocks – Kill more Traeskerons! and so on.

The Kill the Traeskerons mission can be picked up in Camp Poseidon (50500, 60300) which is an outpost with no Teleporter. Closest TP is Fort Victoria (55202, 60158), then just head over the swamp in the far West of that Lower Island. Once you’ve got the mission, DO NOT hunt them here amongst the high aggro and jumping mobs. Use the Traeskeron Wave Event (see below) for a more efficient experience.

Completing the first link in this Mission Chain will unlock

Traeskeron Wave Event – Best Location

The Traeskeron Wave Event (54200, 59800) just west of the Fort Victoria TP (55202, 60158) is the ONLY place you should be hunting this mob. The spawn is pure (no other mobs), there’s plenty available and the terrain is easy . There’s no tax and you should finish both your missions without needing to progress to the second wave.

All Traeskeron Locations:

  • The Spawning Pools (54200, 59800)
    • MAP: Bridge Islands
    • DENSITY: High – 100% Traeskeron only – wave event.
    • TERRAIN: Flat – Low level swamp.
    • VISIBILITY: Good – Minimal fog.
    • DIFFICULTY: Easy – Mostly L6 Traeskeron Young up to L10.
  • Walk N.E. of Camp Poseidon (50500, 60461)
    • MAP: Bridge Islands
    • DENSITY: Shared – Prancer, Snarg, Atrax.
    • TERRAIN: Flat – Low level Swamp.
    • VISIBILITY: Fair – More fog than above.
    • DIFFICULTY: Medium – L7/L12 Traeskeron with L16 Atrax.
  • South of Fort Isis Teleporter (66280, 75339)

Traeskeron Damage – Best Armour

If you hunt these right and with a ranged weapon, you won’t need armour. Traeskeron are slow to aggro and slow moving, so just tag one and back away as you shoot. I just stayed in my all-round armour for this mission – Jarhead (unlimited) with 5b plates which is a more efficient upgrade to my old-school standard armour – Ghost (unlimited), now sold. 🙂

Traeskeron Loot

Nothing to write home about 🙁

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