Entropia Universe Wiki

Follow these links to a number of Entropia Universe Wiki’s depending on your needs! Updated May 2013.

ENTROPEDIA – The Popular Entropia Chart Wiki

Created in 2005 under the name PE-Wikichart and changing it’s name in 2007, Entropedia has always been the most popular internet resource for information like; what armor to wear for a specific creature, what gun to buy, and the latest stats on new additions to the Entropia Universe. The entire site is built on easy charts that are easy to filter, sort and compare without having to trawl through numerous pages of information.

ENTROPIA PLANETS – The Entropia Planets Wiki

Created in 2009 the Entropia Planet Wiki has tried to take over the massive task of not only documenting ALL the information of everything EU, it arrived at the time when new planets were being launched by independant developers and it has also tried to include the information from active and pending planets while still keeping everything up to date. A massive and messy task with much of that information constantly changing, becoming outdated and in some cases, entire planets neglected by players, thus making the collected information obsolete. On top of its Wiki, Entropia Planets also runs a forum and magazine.

ENTROPIA DIRECTORY – The Original Entropia Universe Wiki

Created in 2005 under the name PE Directory and later becoming Entropia Directory our ‘Project Entropia’ wiki was the first Entropia website built on the official ‘wiki’ format. But as the universe grew our wiki also grew more and more out of date. Today it serves mostly as a historical archive. Our revamped wiki will be much smaller and targeted ONLY at the beginner, with information relevant only to those new to the Entropia Universe.

OUR ADVICE: Entropedia will service most of your needs and has the user base to ensure data is entered fast and correctly… Two of the most valuable features of any WIKI.

WARNING: Entropia Universe is a MMO virtual universe with a real cash economy managed by, Swedish company, MindArk. The planets within the Entropia Universe are designed and developed (or skinned) independantly by different game development companies worldwide. With the ‘real cash in’ and ‘real cash out’ element of the game controlled by one company, the game does share many elements similar to that of a Casino… Or “You verses the Bank!” Therefore, do not expect to be making money in Entropia. At the fun level, this is a game played with real money and chance returns at every click. It is free to join, but the free path within the game is extremely limited and mundane. To’ really’ play Entropia you will need to be spending or depositing money into the game on a regular basis.