Avatar Creation

Selecting Your Name

Choosing your avatar’s name may be the most important decision in the game. Not only does it identify who you are to the rest of Entropia, it cannot be changed once you have created your avatar. Thus, careful planning is needed before you submit your name.

When you create your avatar, you must select a first name, last name, and a nickname, any or all of which can show to others. While most of the time the nickname will be the default name shown you can change it by accessing your Avatar Info window (by pressing ‘k’ on most keyboards). You can mix or match your first, last and nick (thus, if your name were eg. ‘odd sir odd bunny‘, you could show ‘sir odd‘, ‘odd bunny‘, ‘sir odd bunny‘, etc.)

It’s important to note that your nickname will be used often by default in the game, so make sure that this is a stand-alone name by which you would want to be called. For example, when you are hunting in a team, and the loot distribution is announced, it will refer to you only by nickname (thus, in the example above, it would display ‘sir odd received an item (Thin wool) worth 0.25 PED.’)

However, when your name is announced to the Universe, when you get a Global, for instance, your full name will be used. Also, when you are added to someone’s friends list, by default it will save your full name (such as odd sir odd bunny. The user can change the names on their Friends List to denote soc affiliation, professions, etc.). For this reason, you might want to make sure your name sounds good “all at once”, too. Many users have reused their first (or last) name as the nickname, which can sound repetitive.

Note that the name must be appropriate, as defined by MindArk’s EULA, and they can change or ban accounts that break this rule.

Adjustment of Body

Adjustment of Body

Adjustment of Face/Head

Adjustment of Face/Head

Designing Your Avatar

Although we all know that you can’t judge a book by its cover, your appearance may often be the first opportunity you have to make an impression. Try to create the character you want the very first time; you will have to pay to change the appearance of your avatar after this.

The first time you launch the game and log-in (with the account you created at http://www.entropiauniverse.com) you will immediately be taken to the avatar creation screen.

This screen will allow you adjust the physical attributes of your avatar including body height, size, and proportion, facial features, and colors for your hair, skin, and eyes. This is the one and only time you can do this (for free), so pay attention!

You can rotate your avatar using the middle mouse button to see different views. Be sure to check a variety of angles to make sure you like how you look. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to try on different types of clothing and armor to get an idea of how you will look in each. (This is just for preview; you’ll have to buy that cool stuff in-game if you want it.) You will be issued the standard colonist jumpsuit when you begin.

If you later decide that you wish to modify your appearance, some of your fellow Entropians have opened beauty salons which offer Beauty services (Body Sculpting, Face Sculpting, and Hair Styling). These services typically range from 20-130 PED per each adjustment. For information on such services, please visit the PE Directory Beauty Parlor listings.

After the implementation of VU 9.0, you may need to get a better graphics card to replace old ones. If your card cannot support pixel shader 3.0, your avatar, clothing, and any object that can be colored will be completely gray.

Also note that the lighting in the avatar creation area is different from what will be displayed ingame (skin will be darker than what appears in the creation room. If you would like lighter skin use the max lighting option)