BLP is an alternative type of weapon to other types such as laser. It is characterised by features such as a lower ammo burn and higher decay, while making up for these shortcomings via generally having a faster damager per second.


This is the biggest, and therefore forefront problem with BLP. Most players will spend a few ped and purchase an Outbacko to start, which as we all know is a laser carbine. So they start their skilling, working up the damages. At about the right level for 30 damage weapons, they search around for a 30-35 damage weapon. They see Hero’s, Freedoms, MK1’s, all good solid, mediocre dmg/pec weapons. And then what do they see? A VAT-100, and AS-97.

Both of these BLP weapons are the lowest! BLP rifles. So instead of aiming for an 8 dmg BLP weapon, they have to settle for a 30-40 dmg one.

Now, any knowledgable player would know that this is not feasible to start with. Therefore the balance is shifted to laser weapons, and at the time they come to BLP weapons they have 2000+ LWT and there is no point switching.

This is the way MindArk want it, they want BLP to be a choice that will COST the player at the start. This and other factors is why BLP is referred to as Evil.

However, thankfully, now that skill-sales are an option, skilling with an outbacko and then selling the LWT gained, is a possible option. In fact, the sale of the LWT may even allow profit and therefore purchase of some extra BLPWT. This is a good workaround, and it does eliminate one of the major problems with BLP.


Ahh decay. Another massive problem for BLP. You will hear stories from many people, saying how ‘Oh, that weapon was brilliant.. but i cant handle the decay’.

Why cant these people handle the decay? Because they can’t adapt. Entropia Universe’s key statistics are Damage per PEC and Damage per second. Here, decay contributes to the Dmg/PEC of a weapon. So for example, your outbacko may take 2 burn, and deal 8 damage, but it still decays a small amount (0.01 pec / shot or something similar). Therefore, its total Dmg/pec reduces from 8/2 = 4 to 8/2.01 = 3.98. Not such a great deal.

However, BLP weapons are much more mechanical, therefore they decay more. However, the dmg/pec is still similar: a gun may have 12 damage, and 1 ammoburn. Brilliant! you think. 12dmg/pec! However, if it is BLP, it will likely have 2.01 decay aswell, making the total dmg/pec 3.98 again.

Decay is NOT a worry when looked at in this sense. It is just another addition to the calculation (which may make it harder for some people, but if you think about it, its pretty simple).

BLP Rifles / Carbines

  1. Camo Arms Desert Stalker
  2. Camo Arms Jungle Stalker
  3. Genuine Design Clone GDC-97
  4. Silver Fang m.01 Starlight
  5. Starkhov AS-98
  6. Starkhov AS-97
  7. Starkhov AS-97 Adjusted
  8. Starkhov AS-117
  9. Starkhov AS-117 Modified
  10. Starkhov AS-129
  11. Starkhov AS-147
  12. Starkhov AS-147 Mentor Edition
  13. Tegretov TR5
  14. Tegretov TR6
  15. Tegretov TR6 Modified
  16. Unique Dub & McCormick Terminator
  17. VAT-100
  18. VAT-100 Mentor Edition
  19. VAT-110
  20. VAT-120
  21. Meckel & Loch PSG-45 Sniper
  22. Meckel & Loch ML-35
  23. Meckel & Loch ML-35 Mentor Edition
  24. Meckel & Loch ML-35 Modified
  25. Meckel & Loch ML-45

BLP Pistols

  1. DOA Foeripper
  2. DOA Loudmouth
  3. DOA Rockjacker
  4. DOA Rockjacker Mentor Edition
  5. DOA Strikehammer
  6. DOA Strikehammer Improved
  7. FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol
  8. FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol Mentor Edition
  9. FreanD Beta BLP Pistol
  10. FreanD Delta BLP Pistol
  11. FreanD Gamma BLP Pistol
  12. Jashonich AP
  13. Jashonich FP
  14. Jashonich MP
  15. Maddox I
  16. Maddox II
  17. Maddox III
  18. Maddox IV
  19. Omegaton Z1002A1 Ancient
  20. Omegaton Z1001
  21. Omegaton Z1002
  22. Omegaton Z1002A1
  23. Omegaton Z1101
  24. Omegaton Z1102

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