Coloring is the process of coloring certain Clothes or Furniture items to a desired color. One of the most difficult professions to master as profits come from other players, coloring is a rare but profitable Skill to have, especially at higher levels when the rare colours have been unlocked.

Added is textile coloring. This will be covered below.


Most colorable items have 1-3 color fields, thus creating cool piece of clothes and furniture. However, one cannot just pick up a colorator tool and get it colored to their liking; you will end up with no result, no matter how much paint you used. Professional colorers should be contacted to get something a desired color quicker.

As of VU 9.0, the Trade Terminal no longer contains a colorator. Colorators are now obtainable as (L) crafted items.

Tools required

Three tools required in the coloring process:

While the bleacher is not required 100% of the time it’s rather hard to color multiple items once and hope to gain skill fast that way. With the bleacher, you can skill on an item without clogging up your Inventory with tons of other clothing/objects.

Success Results

If your starting out, even using a small number of paint, you will not get any coloring on your item. So you must skill up and gather more paint. While using 500 cans are recommened for best results, use only a few cans if you are going to skill. You will fail, but you will gain skill, thus you can increase your skill without wasting huge amounts of paint in the process. As your skills increase, you will begin to get faded colors, then brighter and lighter colors as you increase in skill. You will also increase your chance of success, as indicated by the small window below the color field.

Note on coloring clothing/furniture with full TT value, if you use alot of paint on one attempt, you may recive a pile of pec/ped that is for any paint used beyond the value of the item colored.

Unlocking Colors

You begin by only being able to color three colors: Paint Can (Orange), Paint Can (Yellow), and Paint Can (Blue). Olive is gained after a few levels. After ~1500 levels of coloring, you can exepect to unlock purple, then other colors will follow.


In VU 9.1, mob skins are no longer applied via crafting terminal. Players can now use a crafted tool to ‘spray’ on the pattern they choose. It works in a similar manner as coloring, but you will be spraying textures instead of colors.

Tools required

The tools required in the coloring process:

  • Texture blueprint (Techinican or auction)
  • Tailoring leather/wool, ore/minerals or wood
  • Cloth/stone/mineral/wood extractors (from looting or auction)
  • Machine to spray on patterns (Crafting)

Creating textiles

Using the bp, goto any crafting terimal. Activate the bp (like you could any bp book), then put in the assigned extractors and materials needed. You will recivie a white slate if suceeded, this is where your pattern will go. As with paint cans, the bigger stack of texture you have, the more likely it will be a success. Your COS can be viewed by viewing the stats of the texutre in the item information window.

Using a pattern tool, you ‘spray’ the pattern onto a clothing item. When you want to remove it, bleach it.

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