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Read the different sections regarding your page contributions. Return to the Main Page after reading this guide. This wiki is made so you can find ALL informations and resources in one spot instead of browsing hours at a time to get some simple question answered.


Read the other guides, basically they tell you how to replace common HTML tags and special wiki formatting. Most of them will be copied here.

  • Use 2 new lines (by pressing ENTER twice) for starting a new paragraph.
  • Use the “==” marker like this ”’== Headline ==”’ to mark sections
  • Use * for a bullet list element and # for a numbered list.
  • Use the buttons at the top of the edit box to format and add elements.
  • Use ”’—-”’ to insert a horizontal line, ”'<hr>”’, not really needed
  • Use the link button or surround a word by double square brackets, like this ”'[[Link title]]”’
  • Use external links by adding single square brackets [http://www.example.com link title]
  • Do not read the source of this page
  • Insert images by first uploading them and inserting them or in the reverse order.
  • Write correctly spelled texts. Do not use ambiguous phrases. Use the preview button to see the results before you submit the modifications.
  • Link the first occurence of another article name, such as Guide, but not again for the other words Guide.
  • Use the correct case for page names. Do not create duplicate or ambiguous page names.
  • Use Talk (Discussion) pages to comment
  • Use — ~~~~ to add your signature like this: — Andrei mrproper Andone 15:41, 18 December 2005 (CST)
  • When uploading pictures, give them the name of the article if the picture is very explicit and you MUST give it the correct full name of an item if the picture is containing only that item. If uploading pictures in a series or in a gallery/user page, use variations such as numbers or date, or long names to differentiate them.
  • Use quality pictures, .jpg, quality 85%+ or compression ratio of 1:8 max. Upload the pictures with the green background from the info box or scanner box if available.

When building new pages use these templates:

Just add the content to the new page and edit afterwards.

  • Do not link a page or article to itself
  • Do not link the same word or phrase repeatedly
  • Do not present names or out of the context information. That’s what talk pages are for.
  • Do not remove Categories or other templates in the article unless needed.
  • Use wiki formatting as many times as possible instead of HTML
  • Do not change/move/redirect whole pages if you are not sure you know what you are doing
  • Edit only existing pages, do not start new short pages.
  • If you need to contribute a new page, use the Wanted pages links in the Special pages section.
  • If you are an experienced editor, and would like to check other users’ edits, use the Patrolled Edits feature (Wikipedia link).
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