Newbie Guide

So, you’ve just installed Entropia Universe and lets just say your on Planet Calypso. Once you’ve logged in, you will be on the Gateway Island. From there you can progress to Port Atlantis (Usually abbreviated to PA in chat) via the Teleporter.

The names and look of things will be different if your playing on a different Planet, but the basic principles and gameplay apply to all planets as the codebase is shared by all Planets.

If you plan to, or already have deposited (A wise move) only buy basic equipment from the Trade Terminal (TT) to begin with. Avoid the temptation to buy a nice big gun from someone, because chances are you will not be skilled enough to use it efficiently, or it may by limited and on the verge of breaking. Buy a basic First Aid Pack (FAP) and a weapon of your own choice if you want to hunt, which is the cheapest way for a depositor to participate, and its usually the most fun. You could also choose to mine, a riskier adventure, as bombs are quite expensive for the value of veins you will find as a beginner. Crafting is eventually quite profitable but it requires a substantial investment in both skill and money for ongoing supplies.


If you choose not to deposit, there is always sweating, the slow and steady way to win the race, which just involves getting to the popular place to sweat on each Planet and then using the free sweating tool, available from the Trade Terminal.

Sweat Camps

Planet Calypso Sweat Camps
Swamp Camp: North of Port Atlantis on Eudoria at 61246, 77078

This is the main sweat camp for newcomers as it’s very close to PA and there are always plenty of healers about.

Neas Place: South West of New Oxford on Amethera at 33730, 47700

This is a better sweat camp due to the group sweating that happens on larger mobs, but it is quite a distance from the from New Oxford if you don’t already have the TP. A good society like Entropia Directory will devote time to getting there new recruits to Neas Place.

ROCKtropia Sweat Camps
Official RT Sweat Camp

There is an official and sign posted sweat camp on ROCKtropia but not many people use it.

City of Dreams: and SW down down the road

Most people sweat here on ROCKtropia.


Do not buy armor until you have gained some evade skill, as it will just waste money with decay. Even then, avoid Settler, and go straight to Pixie. You can choose your own style of combat, using guns or melee weapons. Which is better is subject to great debate, but I would advise melee, as they generally do more damage, don’t need ammo and your evade, combat reflexes etc. skills will increase much faster, so you will survive longer against the big ones. If you agree, make your first purchase the Castorian Enblade A from the TT, found inside the big corrugated iron boxes that are dotted around the city. If not, buy either the pistol or the rifle, and plenty of ammo, as you’ll miss most of the time to start. Don’t buy the powerfist, it isn’t very good at all.

As a hunter, working with the mission system will give you extra benefits. The first and best mission for hunters is the Iron Challenge: 100 Daikiba mission, but to collect this you will have to go to Twin Peaks which is the main trading hub on Calypso. Collect the mission from Leo Phoenix.

Then use the TP to go back to Port Atlantis and head north to the PA swamp outpost, and start killing Daikiba young, avoiding big groups of them, try to single out one at a time.

If you are going to hunt you need to learn to be extremely economical with your gameplay and choice f tools. There is a full hunting guide here.

Start by hunting at Sweat Camp and take advantage of the Healers that use the place to skill in healing.
If your using your own Fap (healing tool) you should know that using the right armor is generally more economical than using a Fap.


After purchasing either an enmatter detector, extractor and some probes; or an ore detector excavator and bombs from the TT, depending on what you want to mine. Click “change continent” to have a look a Amathera. There are two pre-unlocked TPs here, the New Oxford one, and the Treasure Island (TI) one close by. Go to TI. This is presumably your first user owned land area (LA) unless you have visited Bank NEVERDIE already. It is owned by Deathifier, and imposes a very modest tax on money you make through hunting and mining. When you find a resource you can go into your inventory (hotkey I) and right click on any item and find out the exact markup of the item. Go as far as you can from any civilization (and mobs to start with, but that isn’t necessary if you hunt as well.) There are many needlessly complicated theories and formulae on how to get ore, but it’s mostly luck. You can have a deeper look at mining here.

As a general rule of thumb most miners count to 10 as they are running before they drop another probe or bomb.

Eventually you will find good places to mine and many that are not taxed. Like hunting, when your mining you should skill on beginner resources (like hunting small mobs). So going after Lysterium and Oil makes good sense while your get some basic skills up.


Just don’t do this yet. You will need a lot of money and craftable loot from either hunting or mining to even start, and if you want to make any money, you will need at least 1000 skill points of engineering before you can successfully make items which you could sell at a profit.

Most people start by skilling on a cheap component like a Basic Filters Blueprint before moving to a high demand items like the limited Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) weapons and mining tools.

If you have plenty of cash, you could buy the specific skills and blueprints you need to start your own niche crafting business.

Crafting can be very profitable if you have the money to set yourself up.

The Oil Rig

Tempting when it does actually give out free oil!

But generally inadvisable, as this is a player versus player (PvP) area and ubers (demigod players) will generally “close” the rig and bring down any newcomers in a hail of gunfire. But if you’re bored and feeling suicidal, you can go for it. It’s something worth visiting at least once.

Fruit and Stones

You can find these lying around on the ground and they do have a value in the economy. But you need to walk not run in order to give yourself time to spot them.


Many players and societies in Entropia have set them selves up in profitable businesses and require help. If you network properly, without begging, you can easily get work. Start by joining a good society and let people know your looking for small jobs. You can also volunteer to help an Entropia Entrepreneur for a few weeks to develop a relationship.