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In order to travel between Calypso, Crystal Palace Space Station, and Club NEVERDIE, you will need to employ the services of one of Entropia’s devoted pilots. Flying is simple once you get the hang of the process.

Finding a Pilot

There are many hangars located on both Eudoria and Amethera. Hangars are owned and operated by fellow Entropia residents who work as pilots.

There are several options to arrange a flight:

  • Pilots tend to gather on Calypso at Twin Peaks and at Club NEVERDIE in the Control Room.
    • You will likely find at least one pilot available and advertising when you arrive at either of these locations. If you don’t, simply ask if there are any pilots present.
  • Pilots can be contacted directly via private message in game, via forums, or from their website.

Considerations When Choosing a Pilot

  • Hangar Location on Calypso: If you do not have all teleport locations, be sure to ask your pilot where their hangar is located to ensure that you can get to that location.
  • Price: Prices may vary, so be sure to ask your pilot.
  • Number of Passengers still needed: This will give you an indication of how long it will be before your flight leaves.
    • Each ship holds four (4) passengers plus the pilot. In order to maintain a cost-effective business, the pilots need to try to fill all four seats. Depending on the time of day and number of players online, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
    • If you are in a hurry to leave, you may be able to negotiate with the pilot to pay extra in order to fly without having four passengers.

Catching Your Flight

Ship Exterior

Once your pilot notifies you that it’s time for take-off, you will need to go to the pilot’s hangar. Talk with your pilot to determine if you should meet at the hangar or if they will accompany you to the hangar from the teleport location.

Once you arrive at the hangar, the pilot will trade with you and the other passengers to collect your payment for the service. They will also add you to their Friends List.

The pilot will then board the spacecraft and add you to the ship’s flight system. You will need to wait outside the ship until this is done.

Warningbox.png Beware of pilot scams.

Some people claim to be pilots when they are not, and will take your money and log out without giving you a flight. To avoid this, ask the pilot to allow you onto the ship before you pay them. Only the real pilot can let you board the ship, so this reduces the chance of you being scammed.

Boarding the Ship & Buckling Up

Once you’ve been given the “all clear” from your pilot, you may board the ship.

STEP#1: Board the ship

Take any of the four passenger seats. Please take care not to sit in the pilot’s seat (front left) at any time.

Ship Seating

STEP#2: Sit Down

To sit in the seat:

  • Left-click on the seat, then left-click again to Operate it.


  • Right-click on the seat, then left-click on Operate.

Ship Chair

STEP#3: Activate HUD (aka Buckle Up)

Each seat has a button to activate the Heads Up Display (HUD). Find this button and left-click on it to Operate.

  • For the Co-Pilot Seat, this is a blue button on the right arm-rest.
  • For the other three passenger seats, this is a red button between your legs.

HUD Activation Button – Copilot Seat: HUD Activation Button - Copilot Seat

HUD Activation Button – Non-Copilot Seats: HUD Activation Button - Non-Copilot Seats

Once your HUD (Heads up Display) is activated, you should be able to see a schematic of the overall layout of the ship as well as the view from your seat. Green seats indicate those who have activated their HUD, while red seats indicate those who still need to buckle up.

Screen Sample Once HUD is Activated

STEP#4: Display Chat

Your chat window will have disappeared off your screen. Don’t panic, just hit the “V” key on your keyboard and the console will re-appear. This is important to remember in case the pilot needs to communicate with you.

Reminder that you must buckle up! If you don’t you will land outside the ship and die!

Landing Procedures

During the flight, the display will consist of a black screen with some warning text. In just a couple of minutes, your screen will return to your usual avatar view, and you will have landed safely at your destination. Click here for a photo sequence of a ship during landing.

Disembark from the ship, thank your pilot, and enjoy your day!

To learn more about your destination, check the Entropia Directory Tourism Guide.

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