Our Entropia Guides for 2011

PLEASE NOTE: With new VU’s coming out and new planets, all the player guides for the Entropia Universe can quickly become out of date. We are currently creating a new set of Entropia guides which will be featured here. In the meantime follow these 10 simple rules to finding your way in the Entropia Universe.

  1. Complete all the basic in game missions which are designed to show you the ropes. For Planet Calypso, start with an NPC in Port Atlantis and you can’t go wrong. Hunters should also tag ALL the Iron Missions (kill 100 of a ceratin mob), that way you can complete missions as you randomly explore and hunt.
  2. Find a good mentor, a society officer or society leader who has been playing for around 5 years. Do everything he or she tells you and build a strong mutually beneficial relationship. Get some one-on-one in game training!!!
  3. DON’T Over Buy without considering your skills. There is a temptation to buy big guns and equipment well before you can actually use them. Your low skills will make a weapon iniffecient and costly to use, Stick to equipment that give you a SKILL INCREASE BONUS (right click the item to see the detailed info screen).
  4. DON’T Over Shoot. Lets say a mob has 10 health left and you have a weapon that is dealing 30 damage. If you use this weapon for the kill shot, you are throwing away 66% of the ammo used to fire it. Switch to a lower damage efficient weapon for the kill shot or have a junior player ready with a small weapon to clean up the kills and loot for you.
  5. Use the Entropedia Tools to find the right tools and armor for your current skill and target mobs.
  6. Amor repair costs are cheaper than Fapping, as long as you are well researched in what armor to use for what mob and for the maturity mix of the mob you are hunting. See #5
  7. Invest Wisely. Trading (if you have the time to stand around) is a sure way to earn a profit. Again this invloves good networking and relationship building. There are a lot of players that simple dump low profit items into the TT (Trade terminal), getting 100% on items that do sell for 110%. So buy it from them at 100% and accumulate good stock levels to make it worth while to sell at 110%. Also timing and a bit of risk taking can reap bigger profits, buying low and waiting for the price to rise due to content version updates and an increase interest in certain items can bring good rewards. Eg. Buying 10 VTOLS when they are at rock bottom and sell them when news comes out that VTOLs will soon be able to enter space.

Entropia Universe advanced guides

Entropia Universe Guides for your in-game speciality or chosen profession. Again these are out of date unless marked otherwise.

Gold Card
Land Management
Entropia Flying Guide
Oil Rig

External guides

Entropia Universe Guides created by other participants on public forums. Again these will bookmarks will be kept for archive purposes.

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Estates and Land Management Guide
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