Hadesheim Center

Warningbox.png This is an old guide and may now contain obsolete information.

7100, 17100. Hadesheim is Eudoria’s capital city and is by far the largest city so far in Entropia Universe. Hadesheim has many buildings spread over a wide area. A few of the buildings no longer sell items but the shops are still around e.g the clothes store . Included among the buildings is an Enchange Building and a number of shops where you may buy certain weapons, armour and other items at TT prices. There is also a large market place with many avatar-owned booths and shopkeepers.

The built up areas of the city are arranged in blocks around a central undeveloped green “park” area. This are contains a lake with an island in the middle. The TP on this island is known as Hadesheim C. or Hadesheim Centre.


At the TP you will find 2 Storage Facility units, a Trade Terminal, a Society Terminal and an Ad Terminal

Other terminals and facilities may be found dotted about in numerous locations throughout the city.


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Creatures that can be found near Hadesheim C.

North Snablesnot, Combibo, Cornundacauda, Atrox, Berycled
South n/a see Hadesheim South City, Hadesheim Outpost
East n/a see Hadesheim East City
West Chirpy, Combibo, Atrox, Daikiba, Berycled, Turp, Merp, Drone, Itumatrox, Faucervix

Getting to Hadesheim Centre

Run westnorthwest from Atlas Island South or Tethys Creek to Hadesheim Outpost at 7600, 15990, then run northnorthwest.

Of Interest

  • The marketplace at 7100, 17550 is a must-see. Occasionally a bargain to be had there 😉
  • It is worth checking out the various shops as well.
  • There is a PE Exchange Building.
  • There is a Giant Mushroom to the NW