Name: Hogglo Hogglo
Class: Animal
Stab: 33 %
Cut: 33 %
Impact: 33 %
Penetration: 0 %
Shrapnel: 0 %
Burn: 0 %
Cold: 0 %
Acid: 0 %
Electric: 0 %
Speed: Fast
Combat: Close
Movement: Running
Tamable: No
Sweatable: No


This enormous bulk is the bulldozer of the calypsoan fauna. Faster than it may look, the Hogglo will trample and maul, bite and chew up every live thing in its path. All signs of living movements will drive it into frenzy and the craze will not stop ’till all is silent. These giant creatures can be found to the NE of the treasure island TP and on Hogglo Tundra to the east of Segna Forrest.

Health & Damages

Maturity Health Damage
Young 2000 129
Mature 2100 149


Maturity Item Frequency
Short Firn board Common
A-3 Justifier Mk.III Improved Extremely rare
Hogglo Pelvis
Fine Wool Very common
Hogglo Tooth
Shadow Harness Extremely rare
Heal Chip Minor Regular
Castorian Combat EnBlade-4 Regular
Stinktree board Common
Gray armchair Regular
Animal Hide Very common
Potted oriental large plant Regular
Basic Eye Color Set Common
  • Keep in mind that according to MA “All creatures will potentially loot any item from the Entropia Universe, although some creatures may be prone to loot certain things more often than others.”


Continent Longitude Lattitude Land Area
Eudoria 12725 20012
Eudoria 13527 20473
Eudoria 13816 19620

Sources: PE WikiCharts, Eudoria Geography