Entropia Hunting

Amethera LA/OA Mob Chart

Hunting represents one of the most basic activities in the Entropia Universe.
It involves usually taking aim and shooting specific mobs.

Every player likes to hunt an array of mobs, and also team hunting is always a better technique than hunting solo.

Hunting in Entropia is accomplished by using a weapon, ammo if required or sometimes mindforce chips.”
CND Dome Settings / Mob Chart

Hunting will give variable skill increases depending on the weapons and equipment used and the ability of the hunted or killed mobs.

PK-ing is not considered hunting, stalking another avatar and linching him is not hunting.

Also, hunting activities are related to dying activities depending on tactics, skill, equipment and mobs.

General Entropia Mob Chart

Items used by Entropian Hunters

Items are listed in the industry they are used in.