Interface Guide

This is the interface you will be using during your time in Entropia Universe. Above is the display, and below is the explanation of each area outlined.

1-Chat Window: A vital area whenever your in-game, this displays local/society/team/event chats, battle info (damage done, damage taken, skills, etc), globals and other information. Clicking the different tabs on top filter your chat from channel to channel (deactivating a chat omits that section from chat until activated again). Clicking the bottom tabs enable you to chat on the specified channel.

2-Status bar: Where most of your avatar’s information is displayed. From left to right: Chat window functions (minimize/maximize, change background chat window, and lock), item/weapon name, reload bar, amount of ammo/mining charges, avatar health (fuller it is the less likely you will die), and your PED Balance.

3-Radar: A handy tool, this will help you when you travel. While it won’t pinpoint locations for you, it’s important to read what it displays: a green dot is another player, red dot is a mob/creature, purple is a society mate, blue is a dead mob/creature, white is a dead player, orange is a npc, and yellow is a team mate/mob pet. When you’re in close proximity of a TP, it will be on the edge of your radar screen to help guide you to it. With red dots, the farthur way its picked up the more dangerous the mob tends to be. On the right side of the map is the server load, and on the left is the safety indicator (Green = safe zone, pulsing yellow = pk, radiation symbol = entering contaimated zone).

4-Quick Action Buttons: Useful for hunting/mining trips, pressing the coorsponding key or clicking the icon can make your avatar quickly switch tools/weapons in the heat of battle, saving time and health. Uses F1-F9 keys to sort out different actions for easy sorting.

5-Loot window: Good thing to see often, good thing to see full. Depending on your activity the border style will vary, but the contents stay the same. Anything that is in the window can be accessed in your inventory.