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EU 2003
ED December, 2005
Full Name John JD Doe
Nick Name JD
M/F Bloke
Age 40
Society Entropia Directory
Forums J D on EF
E-mail Click here
In-game Argus
Online time 12:00 to 14:00
In-game Address Billton Tower 2, 4C
Current Activities
In-Game Bot Hunting
ED Motivator/Director
Real World Cajon Player
Contributions to ED
Position Owner
Favourite Resource PEAuction
Pages Events
Vigi and T-bird Shoes
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Entropia Wiki News

11th Feb 2008
Have made some major changes to Main Page and ‘Side Navigation’
At the end of the month I will most likely reduce the amount of links in the ‘Side Navigation’ depending on whats most popular! (Google Analytics Stats)
31st Jan 2008
New Section to be created – It will be all about the comedy!
1000 PED up for grabs
31st Jan 2008
JD is currently going through all the user pages and will be awarding a prize at the end of FEB.
Any changes made to your user page during FEB will count.
30th Nov 2007
With the ED Birthday Party not going ahead I will take the Party Expense Fund and run a competition for Society, Webteam Members and ED Users… Hint > “It will have some connection to your user page”… More details soon!
27th Nov 2007 – YouTube Extension
You now have the ability to add youtube videos into your user pages.
Add the V tag from the youTube URL
like so – <youtube>PNwLZBqcajU</youtube>

JD in EU

January ’08
For those that don’t know. I was without Internet (my drug of choice) for 2 Months. Looking forward to seeing you and all the new soc members in-game.
PS. 2008 is looking Good!!!
After some seriously life changing health issues, I finally found some time for Game Play.

JD in RL

Well I am finally all settled in my new home. I moved about one train station away from the city which now puts me at the end of the line. Internet was as scarce as a Global on a newbies 1st Day in EU… Now I just need to build myself a shed and I can start to enjoy this place.
ED Birthday Party Canceled
I can’t give this the time it deserves right now! I have finally found a new place to live and will begin moving house the same day. That plus the fact that I will have limited broadband options at the new residence means I have my work cut out for me during December getting my internet access back up, stable and able to support EU.
I will still have access to ED via internet cafe and mates house.
Not many people know that I have been learning Flamenco Dance for years now. My recent illness however has put a damper on the physically demanding aspects of it. The passion remains and I now play Cajón for Melbourne Flamenco. Ohh yeah I also manage the little website/bl.og 🙂
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