Looting is one of the ways you get any return for your hunting. Once you or someone else kills a mob, the person who did the most damage to it will be able to loot the carcass.

In some cases you will receive a message in your chat box saying ‘This creature contained no loot’. In other cases, a small window will appear on-screen, and depending on your skills, the type of mob, and a little bit of luck, this window may contain ammunition, animal oils or various other items.

When those who are skilled/lucky enough find loot that has a TT value of over 50 PED, they have scored a global. Glittering stars will appear around their avatar for a brief period of time and a message will appear on everyone’s chat box saying your name, what you killed and the TT value of the loot.

Those who have a bit more luck can also reach a Hall of Fame (HOF) status, where the player has one of the highest 100 values of loot in the past 24 hours. The Hall of Fame can be displayed by pressing ‘f’ on the keyboard.

In rare cases a person may hit an All Time High, as these individuals receive an amount greater than the size of the lowest ATH holder.

This can also happen with crafting, mining and tailoring.