Maddox IV


Name: Maddox IV
Class: BLP Pistol
Damage: 44 HP
Range: 33 m
Attacks/Min: 70
Reload: 0.9 sec
Dmg/Sec: 51.3 HP
Power: 1,694
Ammo: 7
Decay: 3.5 PEC
Value: 150 PED
Cost: 10.5 PEC
Eco: 4.19 HP
Impact: 4 HP
Penetration: 40 HP
Skill bonus: No
Source: Crafted


No description available yet for this weapon


  • This is a crafted weapon. If you have the blueprint you can make one yourself
  • This weapon’s current markup at the auction is TT+ 819.68 PED, you can view the details at PE Auction

Sources: PE WikiCharts