Warningbox.png This is an old guide and may now contain obsolete information.

Many players have created maps to help others find their way around the vast lands of Entropia.

Beacon Mission Maps

A Beacon mission is where a team of hunters attempt a raid on a robot mother ship. Beacon Mission Maps show the layout of the different types of levels you can find on a mother ship.

City Maps

Some of the larger towns and cities can be a little disorientating to new arrivals. A good city map can point you in the direction of essential services like trade terminals and auctioneers or indicate the location of important buildings.

Mob Maps

Mob maps show the locations where different types of mobs usually spawn.

Places of Interest Maps

If you are taking the Places of Interest tour, a map showing the various locations may be of help.

Revival Maps

When you die in Entropia you revive at an outpost or town close to where you died. The revival maps show the boundaries of each “revival zone” so you can tell exactly where you will end up. This information is especially useful for long journeys as you can take shortcuts by reviving at outposts further along your path.

Unsorted Maps

Maps and drawings that have yet to be arranged into a category.