Melee Combat refers to the distinguished art of close combat where hand-to-hand weaponry is used. While it does not have the advantage of picking off foes from a distance that ranged combat has, melee combat has its own advantages that make i t.



  • Decay is noticable (5-10 pec/attack)
  • Being right next to foe, thus both parties in close proximity of each other for more attacks
  • Cannot have skill modifiers like scopes or laser sights

Types of Melee Weapons

Melee weapons can be divided into two categories. Each category of weapons will give you different skills when using it.

Heavy Melee Weapons

  • Combat Enblade – Long swordlike blade that does decent damage, come in many grades from A (A being weakest) to 12 (12 being most powerful grade)
  • Axes – Fast attacking blade that is a good new newcomer blade
  • Swords – Ancient samurai swords with a very high rate of attack.

Light Melee Weapons

  • Clubs
  • Power Fist – energy glove strapped to your hand for fist-fighting
  • Shortblades – Little blades that are good back-up blades incase your main weapon breaks
  • Whips – Primarily used in the taming profession.