Omegaton M2100


Name: Omegaton M2100 Omegaton M2100
Class: Laser Pistol
Damage: 4 HP
Range: 22 m
Attacks/Min: 40
Reload: 1.5 sec
Dmg/Sec: 2.7 HP
Power: 58.7
Ammo: 1
Decay: 0.02 PEC
Value: 2.2 PED
Cost: 1.02 PEC
Eco: 3.92 HP
Burn: 4 HP
Skill bonus: Yes
Source: TT


The Omegaton range of laser handguns begins with the M2100 which is an entry level weapon for those not used to handling pistols. It is easy to use and has low energy consumption.


Sources: PE WikiCharts