Play Smart from Day One

  1. Get a Mentor
    • Best to find a player that is very active, senior and shares a similar timezone.
    • Your potential Mentor will have to invite you to be his disciple.
  2. Collect all, but head for these Teleporters first.
  3. Don’t beg!
    • Begging will quickly give you a bad reputation and the good people of Entropia Universe will avoid contact with you!
    • There are plenty of generous players that will happily help out New Players but you have to earn their respect and friendship.
  4. Don’t get scammed
  5. Don’t buy a BIG GUN!!!
    • Everyone is tempted in the beginning to get a Bigger, Better gun. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!
    • Here are the reasons not to, and this applies to any Weapon, Med kit or Armour
    • A) – You need to build skill in say rifle to be able to do maximum damage with a rifle.
    • B) – You start with no Skill and will miss alot, so better to miss with an efficient weapon to avoid losing PEDs.
    • C) – Bigger guns use more Ammo and require higher skills to get decent damage. So with a gun that can do 40 damage you will be lucky to do 10 damage and are therfore better off with a gun that does 10 Damage and uses less Ammo.
    • D) – The guns in the TT, like the Sollomate Opalo have learning bonus for beginners to skill faster on.
  6. Choose a Skill and stick to it.
    • Skill is everything and what gives you the edge so that you do not loose heaps of money.
    • Pick one skill and qualify on that (By qualify I mean as a Disciple).
  7. Choose the right skill for your future.

This should get you on the right track, but there are a whole lot more to come as the Entropia Directory Team add their valuable comments here as well.