Port Atlantis

What’s New

Since the VU11, Port Atlantis (PA) has undergone a massive reconstruction. Little to no traces of the old busy PA square that we know all too well have been retained in the new PA. The new buildings are painted white and blue with a very futuristic look and feel. The material used for the buildings ressemble that of polycarbonate materials, unlike the old metallic buildings painted green and yellow. The busy old PA Square where merchants and traders congregate to exchange goods is now completely gone. As such, the new PA hosts very few traders; most of them have moved to Twin Peaks to buy and sell their goods.

One of the few reminiscent features that have been retained from the old PA is the walls and non-functional anti-air turrets surrounding the whole PA.

Some decorative trees add a cozy feel to the bright plazas of PA.

The center of the new PA boasts a majestically elegant building that also happens to be the tallest structure on Calypso. A televator brings avatars to the roof of that building which is also accessible via air vehicles. A fall from that height instantly earns you the Asphalt Pizza achievement if you haven’t already. This televator also connects the Equipment complex and the Main Service Center (which has all the terminals of a complete SC) near the PA Teleport.

Aside from multi-level platforms, there is also a tower on which a disc-shaped room sits. A televator brings you up to the room in which you may find 2 NPCs called Colonel Briers and Maximilian Wolfe. Maximilian Wolfe will tell you about the history of the reconstruction of Port Atlantis should you wish to find out more.

Next to the Port Atlantis Mall is a beautifully and artistically crafted building that has 3 spirals running from top to bottom. About halfway up to the top of the building height-wise, sits an empty disc-shaped bar.

Bank NEVERDIE is situated next to that building.

There is also a jetty area that looks out to the sea. On one of the piers of this jetty sits the new TP called Port Atlantis Marina “New Arrivals”. This is where all new players from the Calypso Gateway come into the world of Calypso. Usually, there will be experienced players on this pier awaiting newbie arrivals to take them under their wings or society. They will then guide the newbie player and teach them about the Entropia Universe.

3 new complexes are made each to house a general service and information provider. The 3 buildings are labelled: Equipment, Economy and Social. In each of these complexes sit an NPC Guide specific to the building ie. The Port Atlantis Economy Guide NPC is found in the Economy Building.


The Port Atlantis Teleporter is automatically acquired when you first logged into the game. The exact coordinates for the TP is: (61418, 75217, 143) on Eudoria, Calypso. No TP Runs are required for it. However, if you do wish to run to it from a nearby TP, the nearest TPs relative to the Port Atlantis TP (not including PA Mall and PA Marina) are:

North: Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld

Northeast: Orthos West Mound

Port Atlantis NPCs

Scattered around PA are NPC Guides that provide information to new players about various Entropian objects. For instance, the Port Atlantis Medical Guide stands beside the Revival Terminal. Operating the guide will give you a quest that prompts you to find information about the revival terminal by clicking on it. Some NPCs, including guides, will give quests, so its best to talk to all of the NPCs when you have the chance.

List of Guide NPCs found in PA:

  • Medical Guide
  • Equipment Guide
  • Economy Guide
  • Social Guide

List of other NPCs found in PA:

  • Immigration Official
  • Port Atlantis Official
  • Jennifer Quinn
  • Wallace Hornby
  • Carl Tucker
  • Colonel Briers
  • Maximilian Wolfe

Places of Interest Surrounding PA

North: Swamp Camp

Northeast: South Swamp Camp

South: The sea that divides the mainland of Eudoria from the Atlantis Archipelago

~Updated on 19th June 2011 by Apoc

Warningbox.png The below is an archived old guide and may now contain obsolete information.

Port Atlantis is where most newcomers first arrive on Calypso. A large outpost bustling with street merchants selling their wares, it is also a popular recruiting place for mentors.
Port Atlantis (PA) is a large port city on Calypso. Every day, there are many traders buying or selling items here, especially Vibrant Sweat and basic armor for newbies, like Pixie and Goblin. PA often has a lot of lagging inside the city because of the number of people, although this has improved somewhat with recent updates.
This is is a safe and secure city surrounded by reasonably weak, low maturity Mobs, on which new players can practice their sweating and hunting techniques. You can find Combibo and Exarosaur in the south, and Berycled and Daikiba in the north. There is also a stable in the north of the city where many newbies like to sweat. You can kill the mobs by jumping into water after they can’t supply any more sweat.


Auctioneer, storage, terminals, crafting machines and technicians can be found in Port Atlantis. There are numerous service modules with:


Creatures that can be found near Limnadian District

North Berycled, Daikiba, Tripudion, Foul
South Exarosaur, Combibo
East Exarosaur, Combibo, Allophyl
West n/a


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Getting to Port Atlantis

All players should have this TP location. If you want to run: head SW from Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld or Camp Phoenix or SWW from Zychion Citadel.

Of Interest

  • A vibrant street market around the TP
  • Calypso Wildlife Exhibition in the RDI building
  • RDI Office
  • Noob suitable sweating zones – ‘Island’ and Swamp Camp areas to the north, and beach to the south.
  • Shallow channels and small islands to the west
  • Port/harbour area
  • Unsafe Zone #1 (PvP) to the NW.
  • New outpost North-west of PA
  • Offical MindArk Guides that greet Newcomers and provide information on the game
  • The bank located near the mall