Project Entropia

Project Entropia - Early Screenshot

Project Entropia – Early Screenshot

Project Entropia was the original name of Entropia Universe.

In 2005 ‘Project Entropia recorded an annual turnover of 1.6Billion [PED] (160M$). In April 2006 Project Entropia transformed into Entropia Universe, the currency PED or Project Entropia Dollars has remained and many player still refer to the game as ‘PE’

Entropia Universe is a direct continuation of Project Entropia

“After several years of existence, Project Entropia is ready to take the evolutionary step in becoming Entropia Universe,” Marco Behrmann (Director of Community Relations).

Project Entropia History

  • 2001 May: ‘MindArk AB’ begins technical beta testing of Project Entropia with 50+ participants.
  • 2001 September: Project Entropia Phase II began with over 500 beta testers in a 10 square kilometer area and grows to 1000 testers.
  • 2002 : Initial trial of the Project Entropia economy begins with the release of a number of special items with a combined value of $100,000+ USD (1 Million PED)
  • 2002 December: VU 4.0 brings with it a Treasure Hunt system based on a random spawn engine that placed items arbitrarily around the planet of Calypso. (later abandoned)
  • 2003 April: Marking the end of the development phase and with 60,000 users ‘Mindark AB’ is overtaken by a newly formed company ‘MindArk PE AB’ (Same ownership minus a few initial investors).
  • 2003 January: Project Entropia went gold with version update 4.2 (The first PvP Zone was also introduced with this VU).
  • 2004 December: Project Entropia enters the Guinness Book of World Records, when it sold a virtual Island for $26,500 USD to, then 22-year old Australian David Storey, known as “Deathifier in EU.
  • 2005 March: Project Entropia version 7.2 and the “Home for Everyone” campaign sees 3000 apartments listed on the auction with set buy out prices.
  • 2005 December: Jon Jacobs (aka NEVERDIE) purchased a virtual space station for $100,000 USD, later named “Club NEVERDIE”.
  • 2006 February: Land Grab 2006. In-game society members claim land and have to defend it for a set number of hours in order to be owners and tax collectors for the next 6 months.
  • 2006 April: Project Entropia transforms into Entropia Universe
  • 2006 July: The Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg is discovered by Mc’Lap Tzest0s Alexan’ru as the final prize in an ongoing storyline quest. NEVERDIE by the egg for $10,000 usd.
  • 2006 August: $200,000 is spent as players buy up land areas on the virtual continent of Amethera on Planet Calypso.
  • 2007 February: Three Virtual malls are sold on auction with the total final bids totaling $179,668 usd. Within two weeks Twin Peaks Mall’s second owner makes a profit on his investment by selling most of the 32 shops within.
  • 2007 May: Five Virtual Bank Licenses sell via auction with the number one bank selling for $99,000 USD.
  • 2008 July: Entropia Universe Version 9.0

Entropia Universe Version 10.0 ushered in a new era and a complete overhaul of the game.
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