So you’ve started your own society. Good job!

However…you only have 7 days to grow your society to at least 5 strong, otherwise the society gets disbanded. So how should you go about picking your recruits?

Well, it depends on what rules your society must have. Must you be a complete noob to enter, or does your rifle or longblades have to be a certian level to make the cut? How does one member get to being promoted?

Few possible pointers:

  • Promotion for collecting all TP’s on a continent
  • Promotion for gaining 2000 level on a combat level
  • Being in the soc for a certian time period

Now that you’ve made up some rules, time to recruit!

Popular places to advertize your new society is Camp Phoenix, as this is a highly newcomer populated area. Twin Peaks is also a good place, more expirenced players hang out there. Another new way to get word accross is to use the Ad terminals to show your society and requirements to apply. Another way would to use advertising space on the Entropia Directory site, as it can be seen by everybody who is surfing here. For a small price you can display your own ads here.