Scanners are useful to tell you information about the lifeform or robot your scanning. The most popular use for a Scanner is to scan other avatars. By doing this you can see the equipment information, for the things that they have on. And also you can see their Attributes & their proffesional standing.

The TT Scanner has the lowest decay, but however, it has the least range, slowest reload, and lowest TT value. Although the TT ones are fine if you just want to scan other avatars. The more expensive scanners just have longer ranges, and better reloads. And also higher TT values. Oh, and of course more decay…

You gain skills from using a scanner, the most useful being “Computer” and “Perception”. Other skills gained include Scan Human, Scan Animal, Scan Mutant, Scan Robot, Biology, Botany, Probing, Analysis, and Zoology. Some of the skills can only be gained by scanning a specific type of life form.

Runner’s Comments

The Chikara InvestaFoe ES300 thru ES500 have lower decay then the ES100 from the TT. However, yes, the “Lifescanner” line of scanners all have worse decay. Decay is certainly the biggest consideration on a tight budget.

The scanners with longer range can often allow you to scan a creature repeatedly without it going aggressive and attacking you, a simple ES200 for example has enough range to scan a longu all day long without it ever attacking, as long as you keep backing up and make sure you stay at max range.

Also there is the TIME consideration. That TT scanner gets 18 scans per minute, using our same example scanner the ES200, you get 30 scans per minute. So you get nearly twice as many scans, and thus faster skills, if you value your time more then your pocket change.