Sollomate Opalo


Name: Sollomate Opalo Sollomate Opalo
Class: Laser Rifle
Damage: 8 HP
Range: 55 m
Attacks/Min: 44
Reload: 1.5 sec
Dmg/Sec: 5.3 HP
Power: 293.3
Ammunition Type: Medium Weapon Cells
Ammo: 2
Decay: 0.02 PEC
Value: 3.8 PED
Cost: 2.02 PEC
Eco: 3.96 HP
Burn: 8 HP
Skill bonus: Yes
Source: TT


The Sollomate Opalo is a great weapon for newbies. Equipped with an Omegaton A101 amplifier, it is a very efficient weapon.

As of VU 8.8 A103 exceeds the capabilities of the Sollomate Opalo wich gives a message that the A103 will not be completely utilized. The A101 amp is used more for this weapon now.

This weapon is available from the Trade Terminal. You shouldn’t buy it from others with a markup.


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