Sweating is the activity of obtaining Vibrant Sweat from live animals. It is one of the few activities that can be done in Entropia Universe without spending any money. Thus, a lot of newbies resort to the tedious and boring profession of sweating and can been seen around Port Atlantis and Camp Phoenix.

There used to be a skill cap at a level of around two hundred in Sweating skills, but it is not limited any more.

Robots, and mutants do not give sweat and the sweating process can fail several times without the sweater being to obtain any sweat from the mob. Upon a successful sweating attempt, a loot window will appear displaying the amount of sweat bottles acquired.

To be able to sweat an animal you must be close to the mob. Select a target to sweat. Right click on the target. Select gather sweat. Your avatar should be doing some weird dance now. When he’s done, green mist will be coming from their hands. Right click the target again, and green stuff will be coming from the animal. You won’t always get it the first time, but if you keep trying you will eventually get some unless the target is dry.

Also if a creature attacks you while you are acquiring sweat from it, then don’t move. Face the creature this will also give you other skills well not related to sweating but will help your character in hunting etc. These skills can be Evade, Combat Reflexes, Alertness, Courage, Agility, Athletics etc.

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