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2003: The first popular forum in the EU community was created by Entropia Pioneers in 2003 and ran until 2005. This was a time when Darts was creating the first Maps, and Minos was creating the first tutorials for EU, (then known as Project Entropia).

2005: In 2005 Entropia Forum, created by MindBuster, took over the reins as the most popular forum for the Entropia Universe. It was later sold to 711 who made some major upgrades adding many features and a few years later (mid 2010) the database and content was sold to First Planet to become their official forum – Planet Calypso Forum. Also in 2005, NEVERDIE (Jon Jacobs) purchased the Asteroid Space Resort and subsequently created the Reality Port website and forum, devoted to all things NEVERDIE.

2010: In early 2010 – (VU 11.0) – ROCKtropia was introduced to the Entropia Universe and the old Reality Port forum (aka Club NEVERDIE forum) was moved to NEVERDIE.com, the new home of all things NEVERDIE. A month after ROCKtropia‘s release, NEVERDIE attempted to sell the Space resort to help fund all the planets that are being developed by NEVERDIE Studios.

In September of 2010 Planet Calypso got its first ever official forum. Buying the EntropiaForum.com database was an obvious choice as it came with over 14,000 members and was already heavily moderated. But it has been thinned down and restricted even further to focus solely on Planet Calypso.

List of Entropia Forums

There are many forums that help Entropia Universe residents find the answers to their questions. These forums come in many forms from simple message boards, to advanced forums with many features like chat and beyond.

For many years the Entropia Universe forums have been the only way to message Entropians when they are not online.

This page will provide you with a summary on each BBS, Message Board or Forum. However, as you may well know, it can be a time consuming process wading through every post to get to the useful data so we have included some links at the bottom to our collection of hot threads.

General Entropia Universe Forums

A list of forums open to all players and all planets within the Entropia Universe.

Forum Name Short Description Created ED Rating
Entropia Pioneers (EP) Entropia Pioneers ForumNO LONGER ACTIVE… Entropia Pioneers was the original and oldest forum in the Entropia Universe and will always hold top place in our list of forums. 2003
Entropia Forum (EF) Entropia ForumA player moderated forum, Entropia Forum is/was without doubt the most popular forum in the Entropia Universe. Recognized and frequented by MindArk and Planet Calypso employees, its database was eventually sold to First Planet. 2005
EU Chronicle EU ChronicleA small but extremely friendly forum for the EU community. 2006
Mindhive Mindhive (ex – RCEuniverse.com)RCEuniverse began its life as a component of the e-pec.info website. It was a popular place for players to avoid the heavy moderation at Entropia Forum. RCEuniverse also serviced the broader scope of ‘real cash economy’ games. Today it has a new name Mind Hive but it still serves as a community for Virtual Worlds, Virtual Universes, MMOs and Online Games. 2007
Entropia Planets Forum (EP) Entropia PlanetsCreated by Lyke and Peter, devoted and long term contributors to the EU community. Entropia Planets has a truly universal and open approach to the whole Entropia Universe. 2009

Entropia Planet Forums

A list of forums that are specifically restricted to a single independent Entropia planet or player owned area.

Forum Name Short Description Created ED Rating
EU Forces Calypso Guide and Rescue Team ForumStarting as a rescue team for newcomers who frequently get stranded and stuck at dangerous outposts and land areas… EU Forces is now an excellent unofficial forum focused primarily on Planet Calypso. 2006
Reality Port (RP) Reality Port ForumNO LONGER ACTIVE… This was the officially forum for NEVERDIE’s Club NEVERDIE space resort. Now that NEVERDIE has his own planet, www.neverdie.com is the official forum for all things NEVERDIE. 2005
ROCKtropia Forum ROCKtropiaThis is the official forum for the ROCKtropia Planet, Club NEVERDIE and NEVERDIE Studios. 2009
Planet Calypso Forum (PCF) Planet CalypsoThe official forum for the Planet Calypso planet 2010

Non-English Entropia Forums

Forums for Entropia Universe players from non-English speaking countries

Forum Name Short Description Created ED Rating
Entropia Forum Germany Entropia-Forum.deA strong, community run forum for German speaking players of Entropia Universe. 2006
Entropia Forum France EntropiaFrance.comThe biggest Entropia Universe forum for French speaking people. 2007
Entropia Forum Poland EntropiaUniverse.plFor the Polish Community.
Entropia Forum Italy EntropiaItalia.comAn Entropia Forum for the Polish community.
Entropia Forum Spain EntropiaForum.esAn Entropia Forum for the Espanol community.
Entropia Forum Latin America CazadoresFurtivos.es.tlAn Entropia Forum for Spanish speaking Latin Americans run by the Cazadores Furtivos society (Furtive Hunters).
Entropia Forum Russia EntropiaForum.ruAn Entropia Forum for the Russian community.

Entropia Universe Society Forums

A list of forums that are specifically restricted to members of a Society within the Entropia Universe.

Forum Name Short Description Created ED Rating
Entropia Directory (ED) Entropia DirectoryFor members of the Entropia Universe directory only.
ROCKtropia Forum ROCKtropia