Name: Trilomite Trilomite
Class: Animal
Stab: 0 %
Cut: 0 %
Impact: 0 %
Penetration: 0 %
Shrapnel: 0 %
Burn: 0 %
Cold: 0 %
Acid: 0 %
Electric: 100 %
Speed: Fast
Combat: Close
Movement: Running
Tamable: No
Sweatable: No


The Trilomite is a small, flat-bodied creature, evolved from sea-dwelling ancestor similar to crustaceans. It moves fast on numerous short legs and is yet another of the Amethera-creatures that has the ability to produce electrical charges and launch them against an opponent.

Health & Damages

Maturity Health Damage
Young 190 25
Mature 250 27
Old 290 29
Provider 330 33
Guardian 380 38
Dominant 390 43
Old Alpha 680 64


Maturity Item Frequency
Tegretov TR8 Extremely rare
Vigilante Gloves
Thin Wool
Midastree board
Paladin Shin-guards
NeoPsion Ad Mindforce Implant
Boar Shin-guards
  • Keep in mind that according to MA “All creatures will potentially loot any item from the Entropia Universe, although some creatures may be prone to loot certain things more often than others.”


Continent Longitude Lattitude Land Area

Sources: PE WikiCharts, Eudoria Geography