Best Armor by Mob

2015 UPDATE: We are currently building an Entropia wide chart that outlines the best armor to wear for each of the Daily/Iron Mission Mobs. ALL of the armor sets mentioned in this report will be affordable (Uber armor sets will be ignored).

As a mid level hunter your armor should be identified and collected according to three types…

    No matter how high your skills, you should always opt for an economical unlimited armor set when facing low end melee-type mobs. The more skilled you become the more you can get away with using Eco Armor, fitted with varying plates for harder Mobs. For example: Harrier Assault Adjusted, Pioneer or Pixie.
    Runner’s Recommendation: The Harrier Assault Adjusted armor set available from the official webshop is our Society leader’s current pic in the eco armor category. “Harrier with its low decay is the perfect dummy armor to plate up according to the damage type you are having. It also comes with an 8% run increase, which when stacked with a Corinthian Kanin (Bunny) pet will have you running 16% faster.”
    Your self appointed, Standard Issue Armor should be unlimited and well suited to tackle close combat mobs (Impact, Cut and Stab) prioritized in that order. This is your main armor set and will be suitable for 50% of the Daily/Iron mission mobs. For example:  Jarhead (c), Ghost or Liakon.
    JD’s Recommendation: The Jarhead armor set available from Arkadian crafters is our Society founder’s current pic in the standard armor category. “I sold my old Ghost and Vigilante (robot) armor and switched to Jarhead (C) because it’s more economical and offers better protection against both close melee animals and ranged firearm robots. It can also be coloured and textured, therefore doubling as a fashionable outfit.”
    Note: If your Evade skills can handle it, your Eco armor with 5b plates will always be more economical than STN armor.
    First we recommend having a collection of plates that you can put on your ECO or STN armor sets, before going up against Mobs with high-end or specialized attacks like Cold, Acid or Electric damage. Robots with firearms will generally do Burn damage with a bit of Penetration. It is also a good idea to start collecting some of the cheap Limited armor sets outlined below.

    • High-end L30+ close combat
      Hogglo, Scipulor, Falxanguis and Araneatrox.
      PLATES: 5b or 8a (L)
      SPC: Solir (L), Aquila (L) or Perseus (L)
    • Firearms ranged combat
      Drones, Droka, Troopers, Warrior and Legionaires. 
      PLATES: 6a or 7a (L)
      SPC: Pegasus (L), Cetus (L)
    • Cold protection
      Feffoid and Feffox.
      PLATES: 5d or 4e (L)
      SPC: Aquila (L) will help on the high-end maturities,
      otherwise just use your STN armor with 5d plates.
    • Acid protection
      Leviathan, Aurli, Kretlin, Formicacida and Proteron
      Secondary Damage Concerns: Imp > Cut & Stb
      PLATES: 5d, 4a, 2E(L) or Pulsar 4(L)
      SPC: Aquila (L) or Perseus(L)
      We don’t recomend plating your STN armor for acid Mobs.
    • Electric protection
      Steelbirds, Trilomite, Eviscerator, Oculus, Estophyl and Sumima.
      Secondary Damage Concerns: Brn & Imp > Stb
      PLATES: 6B
      SPC: Thunderbird(L) or Pegasus(L)

The more skilled you become the more you can get away with using an Eco Armor adjusted with plates (Eg. Adjusted Harrier

How Armor Works

Armor is important for protection. There are now many types of armor, from a variety of planets, the Entropia Universe. They offer different protection against different damage types. Also they decay different and market price for those can vary a lot since there are demand for those armor types that offer a combination of best protection and lowest decay.

Armor is divided among 7 body locations. Each type of armor has one separate piece for each of the 7 locations, and comes in both male and female versions. You may not wear armor not made for your gender. When struck by an attack, that particular hit is applied to one of the 7 body locations, and damage is applied after being reduced for the armor protecting that location, without regard to armor worn on other body locations. Hit location is not evenly distributed among the 6 body locations. You will be hit in the torso more often then on the hands, for example. You may freely mix and match various types of armor on different body locations without any adverse effect other then your appearance. — Runner

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