Atrox Egg Hunt

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The Atrox Egg has been the much sort after prize, at the heart of what has been an ongoing quest introduced by MindArk. A long quest which has seen the Atrox Queen Egg pass between three different owners over four years.

It is still not known what lies ahead for the player that possesses the Egg. Initial rumors were that it might get exchanged by MA for a unique weapon or set of armour, but as the virtual egg passes hands and increases in value so to does the pressure for MA to deliver when it hatches. The latest speculations are that it may hatch into a brand new, unique Mob (one of the important elements that increases the value of real estate in the Entropia Universe).

First official news of the virtual egg

Egg is finally 'discovered' by EBN

Egg is finally ‘discovered’ by EBN

EBN: Orbital Omelet? 25 Jul 2006

News of Tzest0s’s discovery of the Atrox Egg on a slain Feffoid Warlord has finally reached EBN headquarters. In an effort to find out what best to do with the egg, EBN once again sought the council of Prof. Nus Magsun, only to find no trace of the Professor anywhere. Friends and colleagues are mystified at the Professor’s disappearance and a region-wide search has been initiated around New Oxford, where the Professor is said to have kept an apartment.

In a further bizarre twist, it seems the shrewd Tzest0s harbored the egg in his apartment and storage before finally selling it to night club mogul NEVERDIE for 100,000 PED. The famed egg now constitutes a kooky sideshow for revelers at NEVERDIE’s astral night spot.

With so little information available, and its only possible source missing, we have little idea what to expect from the egg. A Science Team has been dispatched to the Asteroid juke joint to take a small test sample of the egg for further analysis. We all eagerly await their results in the coming weeks and wonder how this egg might affect the course of events on Calypso.

The Entropia Universe allows users to deposit and withdraw cash from the game at a fixed exchange rate. 100,000 PED is equivalent to $10,000 USD.

Virtual Egg sold to NEVERDIE for 10k USD

Tzest0s received a number of offers for the Atrox Queens Egg , but NEVERDIE outbid everyone with a 100,000 PED offer, equivalent to $10,000 USD. According to NEVERDIE:

“The absurdity of paying $10,000 USD for a virtual egg is not lost on me, but in fact I’m confident it will prove to be a great investment. Club NEVERDIE is already the #1 privately owned entertainment venue in virtual reality, whatever hatches out of this thing is sure to prove a big draw to the Club.”

Virtual Egg goes on display at CND

Egg Arrives At CND

Egg Arrives At CND

Jon ‘NEVERDIE’ Jacobs purchased the Egg for 100,006.33 PED (TT+100K).

The sale of this egg for $10,000 US caught the attention of the media: Press Release: Virtual Egg Sells for $10,000 USD

NEVERDIE reported that the Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg was safely transported to Club NEVERDIE. Despite fears that the Space Flight might cause the egg to hatch, it arrived safe and sound and is still vibrating.

In the interests of public safety, NEVERDIE has assured that the egg is under armed guard 24/7 in the VIP section of the main Nightclub (2nd Disco TP), which is currently open for public viewing.

The Atrox Egg stayed with NEVERDIE for nearly 4 years and his profit for holding onto it’s unknown ‘true worth’ for all that time was USD$59,696 minus auction fees. That’s like finding an investment that pays a 50% annual rate of return!

Virtual Egg sold to Deathifier for $69.7k USD

Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg - Item Detail

Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg – Item Detail

When the Crystal Palace Space Station sold on auction for $330k USD in December of 2009, Deathifier missed out and the $321,000 USD (his final bid) was waiting for another virtual investment. Australian gamer and virtual world entrepreneur, David Story aka Deathifier was one of the first to break a virtual world record back in 2004 when he purchased ‘Treasure Island’ for 26k USD. Deathifier runs Treasure Island as a growing investment, earning taxes from the hunting and mining loot claimed on his land and then investing a large percentage of the revenue back into creature management and the development of new Mobs.

Deathifier became the new owner of the virtual egg after he won the public auction for this prize quest item, when it was listed by NEVERDIE in February 2010. With the publicity that the virtual egg has been getting over the past four years, there is no doubt that the return will be great. If it does eventually hatch into a unique Mob spawn for the owner, it will subsequently bring with it a steady stream of players to the land area that gets to manage that creature.

The press and gamers outside of Entropia just see the headline “$69,696 dollars for a virtual egg” and then the omelet jokes and ridicule begin. To understand its worth, or the worth of any virtual investment inside Entropia, one first needs to understand that this has already been an profitable investment for two of its owners (much like a work of art). The value of unique virtual items increases as the larger virtual investments around them increase and are proven as working, real cash, revenue generating, business models. These records breaking sales of virtual items do attract attention and increase the player base and profit line for the game owners but in this latest case the virtual egg was an independent transaction between players. All the bidders during a public auction must already have the real world cash converted into PED (the virtual currency in EU) or deposit before they can place their bids.

The story is certainly not over yet! When the $69k Virtual Egg Hatches it will, no doubt, be a timed and planned event to once again catch the interest of gaming media.

Brief History


  1. The queen hatched One Large Egg and a clutch of smaller ones!
  2. Desert Rangers killed the Atrox Queen!
  3. The smaller eggs hatched immediately into the ATROX HATCHLINGS that were dropping those nice Gloves 🙂
  4. The Feffoids pinched the eggs which seem to bring out some more mature Feffs. (Dropped a few Angel Helmets)
  5. If the Egg was not found it would unleash a more savage breed of Atrox onto Calypso.
  6. The Egg has been found but is it too late!
  7. The Egg was sold to NEVERDIE for $10,000 USD.
  8. Nearly four years go by and the egg remains un-hatched.
  9. NEVERDIE sells lists the Egg on public auction.
  10. Deathifier buys the egg for $69,696 USD
  11. To be continued…

Detailed History

Tracing the history of the Atrox Egg Hunt from the egg being discovered in loot back to the initial quest announcement.

The Virtual Egg was Found in Loot

Dead in the Excitement

Dead in the Excitement

Mc’Lap Tzest0s Alexan’ru found the Atrox Egg amongst 2853 PED of loot from a Feffoid Warlord while hunting out near Fort Fury.

After exploring many locations of Feffoids that seem to be looting extremely well it became inside knowledge that Fort Fury had the new high maturity mobs that were likely to yield the prize.

This unique and rare item has the description:

A rare heavy egg with a thick shell. It is slowly vibrating, like it is in waiting…
Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Tzest0s also made the Hall of Fame with the additional loot from bringing down this much sort after Feffoid.

Proving his find.

Proving his find.

The community initially resisted Tzest0s claim due to a number of hoax posts. But it soon become clear that the Unique Green Atrox Queen Egg had indeed been found by one very lucky player.

After a number of tests Tzest0s discovered:

Waiting for it to hatch.

Waiting for it to hatch.

  • That it Doesn’t go in the refiner, so is not part of a DNA recipe to spawn Atrox Queens onto a Land Area… YET!
  • It could not be destroyed!
  • MA made no announcement as to this or the next part of the quest.
  • A few people made offers to buy the Egg.
  • Many speculated that RDA may in fact want the Egg and therefore exchange it for some useful and unique new technology.

Feffoid Globals and Loot Galore

Feffoids became very generous with the PED they were handing out, it seems that stealing the Atrox Egg had also meant that all Feffoids were digging up there treasures and keeping them close at hand.
Feffoid Clan Warlords quickly became the mob to hunt with reported item drops including:

  • Angel Helmet (M)
  • Angel Harness
  • Supremecy Harness
  • Shadow Shins
  • Korss H400 (L)
  • ADJ AS-97
  • Lesser Heal Chip
  • GSI

EBN: Holy Hunkies! 07 Jul 2006

Picture from EBN

Picture from EBN
EBN have just received the following picture from colonist Marcus Moody from somewhere deep in the outback. Just when we were starting to feel safe, our worst fears seem to have been realized as we see a group of delighted Feffoids dancing around what appears to be the Atrox Queen’s Egg!!
Obviously the Feffoids got their hands on the egg while our brave colonists were fighting off the Queen.
We always knew the Feffoids weren’t our greatest friends, but now we know that they’re out to make life as hard as possible for us. Are we going to let the dim witted Feffoids try to raise a new pet? Is there anybody out there ready to find the camp and destroy the egg?

News from the Street

The area in the picture quickly became identified as Old Feffoid Traders Camp. Located at 10326 x 18106, NW of Tethy’s Creek, NE or Hades East and SE of the outpost up there.

Over the first few days Feffoids spawns, anywhere from around 20 all appear at once and attacked the camp. Mostly Feffoid Champions and the odd Clan Warlord. Cold protection via Armour and Plating became essential to handle the multiple hits of around 60 damage. A lot of players decorated the camp and just hung out while they waited for the attacks.

Players began to spread out to the other Feffoid Spawns:

  • Eudoria (9927, 13147)
  • Eudoria (10890, 17575)
  • West/NW of Fort Fury – Warriors, Champions And Plenty of Clan Warlords!
Amethera west of Segna Forest (unconfirmed).
The old Healing Pond

Fort Fury soon became the location most favored due to the high maturity of the Mobs there.

EBN: Long Live the Desert Rangers 20 Jun 2006

Together with colonists from all over Calyspo, the Atrox Queen was found and destroyed by the Desert Rangers. Although heavy casualties were suffered, the hardy colonist band was upbeat as they peppered the beefy brute into oblivion. Paolo made a video of the hunt which is available here.
Mossemeez provided us with an on-the-scene report of the Queens demise, informing us that skinning the monster Queen gave very little hide, as her skin had been too badly damaged during the hunt. She did however manage to chew up a few brave colonists before her death, and gutting the creature later revealed several armor pieces including a rare female Shadow helmet. Several wallets were also found in the Queens stomach, with over 100 PEDs being recovered.
What was not found however, was the egg, and until we know for sure that the egg has been found and destroyed we cannot rest. The egg may be lying out there, incubating under Calypso’s sun, getting ready to unleash a new breed of Atrox on Calypso.

EBN: Crowning Glory 15 Jun 2006

The continuous appearance of large Atrox herds on the northern plains of Eudoria suggests that the Atrox reproductive cycle is reaching its climax. According to our learned source at the Zoological Institute, we may expect to see hatchlings very soon – a sure sign that the mighty Queen herself is close by and ready to come out and lay her egg.
EBN eagerly awaits the first reports and pictures from the field, and with such large herds of younger and older Atrox hope that Calypso’s colonists, old and new, will dust off their Justifiers, take the trail northwards and be part of this adventure.

EBN: The Bitch Is Back 14 Jun 2006

Following last weeks disturbing news of increased Atrox activity in the northern reaches of Eudoria, and reports of commotion from Fort Ithaca as we speak, EBN feel compelled to reveal the second part of our interview with Prof. Nus Magsun. Shedding light on previously unknown behaviors of the Atrox species, the Professor continued:
“We set out to discover what could have lain behind the surprising appearance of these more aggressive strains of Atrox. As we crossed the mountain range east of the Rogue Plains, we caught sight of the mighty Atrox Queen – a monstrous creature, bigger than anything ever seen. Protected by feral Marauders, we observed the Queen laying one huge egg and a clutch of smaller ones around it. These lesser embryos hatched quickly to form a merciless defensive pack around the Queen and her main egg. The large egg was left to incubate under the Calypsian sun, absorbing radiation that would mutate its genome and spawn a more savage breed of Atrox. This level of evolution in just one generation was completely unprecedented.”
It would seem that while the Atrox reproductive cycle is several years in length, its results can be devastating for the natural areas it inhabits, restricting access for other animals and colonists alike. We can only hope that our hardiest hunters can pick up a trail on this Queen and her pack, destroy the egg they protect, and spare Calypso and it’s colonists from an even deadlier wilderness.

EBN: Atrox Alarm 08 Jun 2006

Fort Ithaca is again in the news this week, following the brutal mauling of colonist SirAttack by an Atrox Marauder on the southern outskirts of the settlement last week. With abnormally high pheromone readings reported by Zoological Scouts earlier this year, we asked Professor Nus Magsun from the Zoological Institute if there was any explanation to the sudden appearance of these fierce new beasts.
“The Atrox”, explained the Professor “is a truly fascinating animal. While Marauders are a rare sight, I believe they are an excellent indication of the status of the herd’s reproductive cycle. Shortly after I arrived on Calypso”, he continued “I was lucky enough to be on an expedition in the area just west of where Fort Argus stands today. We had encountered Alphas and Dominants all over the continent for many years, but suddenly we began noticing new larger and more aggressive Atroxes like the Marauders. This was to lead us to one of the greatest discoveries about the Atrox species…”
EBN has contacted all the local authorities on Calypso after this alarming report, and urges all colonists to be on the lookout for these diabolical fore bearers.

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