Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is a massive virtual universe with a real cash economy. There are no experience points or typical levels within the game, and it is not officially categorized as a MMORPG; however, it shares elements of regular MMORPGs, in that skills and special items figure prominently in game play. The game is produced in Sweden and has a universal following of ever growing fans.

Entropia Universe started life as Project Entropia and has since transformed once more, into the platform on which individual game development companies can create new planets for the Universe.

The original planet is now called ‘Planet Calypso’ and run by First Planet Company AB [1]

Old Entropia Universe Banner

Date of creation: January 30, 2003

Entropia Planets

There are currently, only four active planets within the Entropia Universe, each managed by a different company. Here’s how we rate them…

  1. Planet Calypso: The original and most popular planet. It has the largest economy, trading market and population. It’s hard to beat this planet. 
  2. Planet Arkadia: With its treasure-hunting theme, Planet Arkadia is well managed and easily the second best planet in Entropia. A great source of limited armor and weapons.
  3. ROCKtropia: The planet created by one of Calypso’s most famous players after selling his Space Station is a bit of a mash up of Hollywood and Americana. Good for a short holiday.
  4. Planet Cyrene:
  5. Next Island: A tropical paradise with time travel, but the Planet is small, ender-populated and under-developed. Its original time-travel vision has never fully been realized beyond Ancient Greece. Waste of Time.
  6. Planet Toulan:

Your Entropia Universe avatar plus it’s accumulated skills and items, can travel from planet to planet. Essentially creating an environment where you can play in a new virtual world without having to create a new avatar.

Entropia Universe Download

The Entropia Universe downloads are free and each planet now provides its own download and branded client loader, however “newbies” when they first start playing are not given any other items or clothing beyond a bright orange jumpsuit. As such, although you can play for free, more involved gameplay is very difficult. Reading the Entropia Universe Guides here on Entropia Directory will give you some idea of how the per VU10 players developed their wealth and skills. The Entropia Download is updated severals times a year via VU’s (version updates).

Entropia Universe Economy

One major difference in the Entropia Universe from other MMORPGs is the ability to convert real world money (via a credit card or similar) into in-game money and vice versa. Money within the game is represented in Project Entropia Dollars (PED). The exchange rate is fixed at 10 PED to one US Dollar. A transaction fee is charged for converting the currency both ways, both in and out of the game.

Entropia Universe Community

Entropia Pioneers were the first real community resource to spring up outside of ‘Project Entropia’ followed by the old entropia forum and our own Entropia Universe Directory. Today there are a wealth of Entropia Related Sites to choose from, the most popular being Entropia Forum. In-game communities form by creating societies or guilds and there are many meeting places including an Entropia University and Art Gallery.

Entropia Universe Game Play

Players in the Entropia Universe Game may kill and loot tougher creatures (Mobs) which contain a higher than average number of items or PED. Players may also be paid for actions in the game; most of this sort of payback comes from guessing locations for Resources in-game. Similar to gambling, the payback is usually much less than that which is required to be contributed.

For many players the Entropia Game is not just an ‘online social network’ but a Business ranging from The Club Neverdie Space resort to the ‘Entropia Investment Fund’.

Entropia Universe Tips

Playing smart from day one will be crucial to your success in the Entropia Universe. Read our Entropia Universe Guides even before you download or install the game.

Entropia Universe In The News

The popularity of Entropia Universe is largely due to the huge amount of press the game gets whenever a player spends over 10,000 US Dollars on one of Entropia’s virtual properties. The most prominent example being – Entropia’s NEVERDIE buys a Space Station for $100,000 USD. Read more at Entropia Universe News.

Entropia Universe has gone by many names, abbreviations and misspellings. Project Entropia, Project Entropia Universe, PE, Entropia, EU, Planet Entropia, Entropia Univers, entopia universe and eutropia universe are the main ones. The Entropia Universe game will always be PE and EU to the early pioneers.