GeoTrek Taurus (L)


Name: GeoTrek AL15 Taurus (L)

Class: Carbine

Type: Laser

Max. TT: 210.00 PED

Min. TT: 6.30 PED

Weight: 2.1 kg

Damage: 62 HP

Range: 63.8 m

Attacks: 37 /min

Reload: 1.6 sec

Dmg/sec: 38.2 HP

Power: 2439.3

Ammo: 12

Decay: 3.010 PEC

Total Uses: 6768

Cost: 15.01 PEC

Dmg/PEC: 4.13 HP

Damage type

Brn: 62 HP
Misc. Info

SIB: Yes

Amplifier: Energy Amp

Ammo: Medium Weapon Cell

Hit Profession: Laser Sniper (Hit)

Rec.: 15 Levels

Maxed: 19 Levels

Damage Profession: Ranged Laser (Dmg)

Rec.: 15 Levels

Maxed: 19 Levels

Source: Crafted

Markup: 130.96 %

Markup source: PEAuction

The GeoTrek AL series of laser assault carbines began to appear on Calypso following the mysterious discovery of an abandoned space space freighter. Scheduled for delivery several months erlier, thee weapons consignment from GeoTrek was found aboard Villre Star as it drifted in space, hundreds of thousands of kilometers from Calypso.