Land areas

2015 UPDATE – All land areas on Amethera are currently being visited to record Mob Spawns and Hunting Tax.

Land areas, also known as LAs, are special areas of land that can be acquired by a society in a land grab or are purchased in direct trade or at the auction. It allows the owner(s) to set and collect taxes on mining and hunting in that land area. Land areas vary in size up to the maximum, which is about 1000 acres.

EVENTS ***ingame
2763840359AOL #26Omegaton West Habitat3.99%Allophyl 6/27/2015
1798446651AOL #48Saba Camp3.99%AllophylNexnecis6/27/2015
2968835803AOL #16Ambulimax3.90%Ambulimax6/27/2015
3150035700AOL #17Nea's Place3.90%AmbulimaxLongu6/24/2015
3160039400AOL #24Silver Ridge2.99%Ambulimax6/24/2015
3455539382AOL #11Silver Ridge3.99%Argonaut L5-7Iron Mission6/27/2015
2621761019AOL #41 WestNew Switzerland4.90%Argonaut L5-7Iron Mission6/28/2015
2621761019AOL #42 NorthNew Switzerland4.92%Argonaut L5-76/28/2015
5090468515Pemphredo IslandPemphredo Island Teleporter3.99%Argonaut L8-17Bronze Mission6/28/2015
3650935272AOL #04Nate Valley4.00%Atrax6/27/2015
2916355986AOL #32Z's Little Farm4.90%Atrax L9Iron Missions6/27/2015
3574635162AOL #02Nate Valley4.00%Atrox6/27/2015
3881729509AOL #10Sakura City5.50%Atrox L17-186/27/2015
2339827970AOL #40Akmuul Island4.00%Atrox L18-456/28/2015
3874843184AOL #66Zonnestraaltje0%Attacker L3-7Exarosaur/Hiryuu6/27/2015
5573769357Bakunawa IslandMedusa Telporter4.50%BerycledPrimordial Longu6/27/2015
3091354323AOL #31Z's Little Farm4.00%Berycled L36/30/2015
1800635522LA11Oyster IsleCersumon L17-19Bristlehog/Mermoth6/30/2015
1998054016AOL #35Solfais Crater4.00%Combibo L8-12Cornundos/Repesilex6/28/2015
2902551216AOL #30Shinook Jungle3.99%Combibo L9-12Mourner L56/27/2015
2621761019AOL #42 EastNew Switzerland3.50%Empty6/28/2015
3232651751AOL #62Emerald Lakes Mall0.00%EmptyMining friendly6/28/2015
2693431902AOL #09AOL #152.10%EstophylShinkiba6/27/2015
2594446821AOL #28Ahh...the Estophyls3.99%EstophylAtrax6/27/2015
3381037725AOL #12Silver Ridge5.00%ExarosaurTrilomite/Allophyl6/27/2015
3913033372LA3Nate Valley0%Falxangius L36Atrox6/30/2015
3895447747AOL #21Wolverine HopeFormicacida L21-27Iron Mission6/30/2015
2963137882AOL #08Nea's Place3.90%Formidon6/27/2015
2267055642AOL #36Solfais Crater4.00%Hispidus L21Berycled/ShinkibaIron Mission6/28/2015
2377545484AOL #34Chilled Hogglo and Maffoid4.00%Hogglo L31Atrox L17Iron Missions6/28/2015
1806559345AOL #45Hogglo Ranch2.99%Hogglo L31-396/28/2015
1875826660LA10Myrene Island0%ItumatroxMermoth/Atrox6/30/2015
2036743134AOL #55Chilled Hogglo and Maffoid4.00%Itumatrox L14-15Atrax6/30/2015
2521431822AOL #13Memorial Island4.00%Kingfisher L26-276/27/2015
2273539842LA5Cayuze0%Legionnaire L30-576/30/2015
3351836273AOL #03Big Industries OLA#013.00%Longu6/27/2015
3650135901AOL #05Big Industries OLA#014.00%Longu6/27/2015
3760639379AOL #06Club Sweat3.99%Longu6/27/2015
2848731761AOL #14AOL #155.00%LonguAtrox/Gokibusagi6/27/2015
3561827952AOL #20Rei's Defence2.98%Longu L76/27/2015
3175748229AOL #29New Oxford3.90%Longu L7Cornundos 6/30/2015
2172843463AOL #33Chilled Hogglo and Maffoid4.00%Maffoid L18-236/30/2015
5572566978Apophis IslandMedusa Telporter3.00%MermothNeconu6/27/2015
2397026628AOL #39Akmuul Island3.99%Merp L11-13Atrax/Atrox3rd July 18:00***6/28/2015
5557272125Ouroboros IslandOuroboros Island Teleporter4.00%Merp L5-729th June 22:30*6/27/2015
2786242745AOL #64Lorfat's Prize3.30%Mob free mining6/27/2015
2793145389AOL #27Shinook River3.90%MoliskTripudon6/27/2015
1998960315AOL #44Oshiri Hearts4.00%Molisk L7Mining friendly6/28/2015
2213346847AOL #52Angelica's Paradise3.99%Molisks L7-266/28/2015
3525126820AOL #19Tetania's-by-the-sea! 3.75%Neconu6/27/2015
5205570227Enyo IslandMedusa Telporter3.75%NeconuArgonaut6/27/2015
3020739739AOL #23Royal Club3.70%Neconu L216/27/2015
1776451734AOL #37Solfais Crater2.99%Neconu L21CaudatergusFOR SALE 11k USD7/1/2015
1846545729AOL #53Winter Park3.99%Neconu L21Iron Mission6/30/2015
2640954360AOL #59Z's Little Farm2.48%No DNAArgonaut FOR SALE 20k USD7/1/2015
2897753353AOL #60Shinook Jungle0.00%No DNA7/1/2015
2691950742AOL #61Shinook Jungle3.50%No DNANexnecis L11-177/1/2015
2809148440AOL #63Shinook Jungle0.00%No DNANexnecis L11-177/1/2015
3600031000LA18Rei's Defence0%OculusKingfisher6/24/2015
2139046948AOL #51Angelica's Paradise3.99%Osseocollum L49Iron Mission6/28/2015
3163146352AOL #25Lorfat's Prize3.99%Osseocollum L94+Armax Cow/Bull6/27/2015
1845742416AOL #38Cayuze4.00%Phasm L28-316/30/2015
2235535413AOL #18Fort Cayuze3.99%Primordial Longu6/27/2015
2152746293AOL #543.99%Proteron L44Chomper6/30/2015
1930646592AOL #49Saba Camp3.99%Rextelum L22-316/30/2015
2531335936AOL #07Omegaton West Habitat3.99%ScaboreasAtrax6/27/2015
3769048310AOL #22Wolverine Hope3.90%Scaboreas L14Exarosaur6/27/2015
5355372466Ayida IslandNaga Island Teleporter5.00%ScipulorSumima6/27/2015
5278467816Deino IslandMedusa Telporter5.00%Scipulor6/27/2015
3973545605AOL #65Wolverine Hope4.00%Shinkiba L14-16Berycled L126/27/2015
5079572336Naga IslandNaga Island Teleporter4.00%Sumima6/27/2015
3170033900LA06Nea's Place0%Thorifoid Berserker6/24/2015
3580542188Miwak Mountain PassZonnestraaltje3.99%Thorifoid BeserkerThorifoid Shaman6/27/2015
3788946525LA01Wolverine Hope0%Thorifoid ShamanBristlehog6/27/2015
2884933541LA13Nea's Place0%Thorifoid Shaman6/27/2015
3472636318AOL #01Big Industries OLA#013.99%TraeskeronEquus/Molisk6/27/2015
3104530027AOL #15AOL #155.00%TrilomiteShinkiba/Berycled6/27/2015
3116356603AOL #58Z's Little Farm0.00%Warrior L32-35Trooper/Foul6/28/2015
AOL #43z
AOL #46z
AOL #47z
AOL #50z
AOL #56z
AOL #57z
C. ZoneAkmuul Islandz
Emerald Lakes Mall LandEmerald Lakes Mallz
Farsight PlainsSilver Ridgez
GreenthorneAOL #15z
Takuta PlateauSakura Cityz
TI - Cape RuslaTreasure Island Cityz
TI - Cote FleuryTreasure Island Riversidez
TI - Drake's LandTreasure Island Castlez
TI - Hook's AlleyTreasure Island Riversidez
TI - Lake PenzanceTreasure Island Castlez
TI - Low ChannelTreasure Island Riversidez
TI - Morgan's StraightTreasure Island Riversidez
TI - North Drake'sTreasure Island Castlez
TI - O'Malley's GraceTreasure Island Volcanic Ridgez
TI - Robert's GallowsTreasure Island Volcanic Ridgez
TI - South Drake'sTreasure Island Castlez
TI - South GraceTreasure Island Castlez
TI - West GallowsTreasure Island Volcanic Ridgez
TI - West HookTreasure Island Castlez
Vermillion FieldsNew Oxfordz

Historical Entropia Pioneers map by BAHQ Jove 7/2006

Individually-owned Land Areas

The owner of the piece of land is able to collect a fee or tax from any hunter, miner or other resource gatherer active on their land. The fees may be set individually, in the range 0 to 10%.

Society-owned Land Areas

As the owner of a piece of land, a society will be able to collect a fee or tax from any hunter, miner or other resource gatherer active on their land. The fees may be set individually, in the range 0 to 10%, according to the will of the owning society. All revenue generated from the society-owned land will automatically be distributed equally between the society members who were in the society at the time of the land grab.

Additionally, a member still receives his share of the land area tax if he is kicked from the society, but forfeits his share if he quits voluntarily or joins a new society after being kicked.

Maintaining a Land Area

The mob population of a land area is adjusted and maintained by means of DNA samples and a fertilizer station that is present on every land area.

Each 20 units of fertilizer will give you 1 IP (Improvement Point). You can use these IPs to change maturity and density on your spawn. For each DNA sample it will cost you 20 IPs to maximize the density and 60 IPs to maximize maturity. You can lock one or both settings at a desired level and automatically use the IPs left.

Amethera land areas

Amethera Mob Map created and last updated by Jimmy B 24th may 2006


Amethera Mob Map created and last updated by Jimmy B 24th may 2006

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