Limnadian District

12200, 12000. This would be a revival outpost, but for the fact it has a Teleporter. Facilities at Limnadian are limited. A possible staging area for hunting or mining expeditions, or en-route to TPs further north. Limnadian is noted for the Allophyl which may be found in 3 directions, although there are other mobs also.


There is a service module with Trade Terminal, Revival Terminal and Repair Terminal only.

There are no storage or manufacturing facilities and no auctioneer or technician.


Creatures that can be found near Limnadian District

North Allophyl, Molisk
South Allophyl, Estophyl, Rippersnapper
East Foul, Umbranoid
West Allophyl, Armax, Atrox, Gokibusagi

Getting to Limnadian District

The usual route is from Camp Phoenix, but it is also possible to run to Limnadian from Jason Centre, Zychion Citadel, Fort Fury or Fort Meduza.

To get to Limnadian District from Camp Phoenix:

  • Run NE from TP at Phoenix until you comr to the river.
  • Follow the river east to the lake and run NE around the edge of the lake.
  • Cross the river at the N end of the lake at approx 11564, 12032 and run directly east until you reach Limnadian.

Of Interest

There is a natural cave at the southern end of the lake. See Ambrosian Caves.

There is an empty outpost at 14000, 11900, but its not worth going out there just to see it.