Entropia Pets – Quick Reference

2015 Update – An avatar in Entropia can spawn one Pet at a time in order to receive one of the following buffs, as long as that Buff has been unlocked by training your Pet to the correct level and as long as your pet is healthy.

Current Passive Buffs Available

We’ve split these into 2 groups:

  1. Avatar related.
    • Acceleration: An easy Pet and buff to unlock which increases the running speed of your Avatar and also stacks with item buffs that also increase your running speed (Eg. Adjusted Harrier Armor).
      Variations include +8%, +12% or +14%
    • Auto Loot: Using one of the rare pets to provide a short range auto-loot function will cost ~2ped/hour. The longer ranged auto-loot pills run at a quarter of the cost, but unlike a Pet cannot be turned on and off when needed.
      5 metre range
    • Increased Health: Increases target’s maximum health points.
      Variations include +5HP, +8HP or +12HP.
    • Decrease Critical Damage: A good offence buff, this one decreases the damage you will take from critical hits.
  2. Pet related.
    • Skill Gain – Pet and Taming: Keep this pet spawned while your taming for a faster skill increase rate.
    • Pet Focus – Increase Generation: Makes your pet regain focus faster. Focus is consumed when levelling your pet towards a buff unlock by performing tricks.
    • Pet Focus – Decrease Generation: Lowers the Pets metabolic rate and Nutrio Bar consumption in exchange for a slower focus regeneration.

Pets sorted by Passive Buff

Pet Type
Taming Skills
Train Faster
Eats Less
Auto Loot
Less Crit Dmg
AverageKitty+10% (lvl 13)Strongbox
AverageRover+10% (lvl 13)Strongbox
AverageMei Hua Quan+10% (lvl 13)Strongbox
AverageWhiskers+10% (lvl 11)+10% (lvl 7)Strongbox - Rare
AverageAncient Exarosaur+15% (lvl 20)Legendary
AverageAncient Snablesnot-Male+15% (lvl 20)Legendary
AverageAncient Snablesnot-Female+15% (lvl 20)Legendary
AverageAncient Daikiba+15% (lvl 20)Legendary
AverageSapphire Chirin Dragon+15% (lvl 18)+10% (lvl 6)Calypso - Rare
AverageEudorian Sapphire Devil+15% (lvl 19)+10% (lvl 7)Calypso - Rare
AverageCorinthian Silver Kanin+10% (lvl 8)+12% (lvl 23)Calypso - Rare
AverageHogglo Pygmy+15% (lvl 30)-20% (lvl 7)Calypso
AverageAtrox Pup+15% (lvl 16)Calypso - Uncommon
AverageMagn Chang+10% (lvl 11)Cyrene
AverageRhino Beetle+15% (lvl 18)Cyrene
EasyBristlehog+10% (lvl 14)Calypso
EasyCombibo+10% (lvl 13)Calypso
EasyCornundacauda+10% (lvl 13)Calypso
EasyChirin Dragon+10% (lvl 11)Calypso
EasyEudorian Devil+10% (lvl 12)Calypso
EasyCorinthian Kanin+8% (lvl 17)Calypso
EasyNusul+10% (lvl 14)Arkadia
EasyPandi Pup+10% (lvl 14)Arkadia
EasyTabtab+10% (lvl 14)Toulan
EasyPanther+10% (lvl 14)Rocktropia
EasyArret+10% (lvl 14)Cyrene
EasyPaneleon+10% (lvl 14)Cyrene
HardYau Kung Mun+15% (lvl 13)+2% (lvl 18)Strongbox - Epic
HardAncient Exarosaur Strong+20% (lvl 28)Legendary
HardAncient Snablesnot-Male Strong+20% (lvl 26)Legendary
HardAncient Snablesnot-Female Strong+20% (lvl 27)Legendary
HardAncient Daikiba Strong+20% (lvl 25)Legendary
HardRuby Chirin Dragon+15% (lvl 15)+15% (lvl 6)Calypso - Epic
HardEudorian Ruby Devil+15% (lvl 16)+15% (lvl 6)Calypso - Epic
HardEudorian Lava Devil+20% (lvl 27)+20% (lvl 9)5m rng (lvl 16)Calypso - MYTHIC
HardCorinthian Ruby Kanin+10% (lvl 6)+14% (lvl 25)Calypso - Epic
HardHogglo Pygmy Black+20% (lvl 25)+15% (lvl 7)Calypso - Legendary
HardVixen (robot girl)+15% (lvl 16)Rocktropia

How to tame

Pets can be obtained by using a whip. Combibo or Cornundacauda are an easy Mob to start gaining some taming XP, but a Corinthian Kanin (60200, 69400) might be more useful with its Acceleration buff once trained up to level 17. To see if the mob is tamable, the mob must have a pink love heart next to it’s health bar.  Selecting the potential Pet and hitting it once with a whip will reveal its Taming Status Bar. If the White line is half way along the green Spirit bar you have maxed this pet out in terms of how easy it will be to Tame. If the white bar is more to the left, the Pet will be harder to tame.

Using your whip hit the Mob until the SPIRIT is lower than its white line and the RESPECT is higher than its white line at which point a “Tame Now!” message will appear to the right of the Spirit bar. You may have to let a Mob regain some health in between your whipping actions, so you don’t kill it.

Right Click to ‘Attempt Tame’ (you can also find an icon for that in your action library.

If unsuccessful, the Mob will regain some Spirit and will need to be whipped down again. If however you tame it successfully, you will receive a loot message and the Pet will appear in your inventory. Congratulations, you have tamed your new pet!

Also see – Entropia Pet Taming

Caring for your pet

Now what?

Taking care of your pet to begin with is quite difficult. In order to do much of anything, you will need to raise it’s trust. This is done by buying a animal brush (off of the auctions, or crafted). Using the brush, keep petting your pet, and it’s trust level(greenish bar) will rise. Now, it needs food, in the form of nutrio bars. These are made by combinding fruit and sweetsutff. Open your inventory, then pick up and drag the bars to your pet. Your pet will consume the bars, and a blue bar(its hunger) will appear. Most will suggest at least 300 bars are needed to start off doing anything.

As long as it’s trust and hunger levels are high it will make training go by much quicker than if they are not.

Training your pet

2015 Pet Training Tips

The following three things are important, in order to gain the maximum XP for your Pet when you are training him up towards a Buff unlock.

  1. Make sure your pet is well fed (33%+) by right clicking Nutrio Bars from your inventory when needed.
  2. Make sure your Pet has a high affection stat by using a Brush on your Pet when needed.
  3. Make sure your Pet has a high mood stat before performing tricks.
  4. Make sure your Pet has a very high Focus stat (90%+) before asking him to do tricks.

Performing tricks will lower his focus, so just keep him spawned, get on with your other activities. Then when you notice your Pet’s focus is back up at 100% perform a few tricks until it reaches 90% than get back to your activity (rinse and repeat).

See Also


  • OLD TRAINING SYSTEM: [from our old wiki] – Time to do some tricks with your pet. Select your pet, then press F7. This will bring up a taming menu (if you haven’t replaced it with stuff beforehand. Otherwise open the action book to get the taming actions.) As a new pet, it will only be at level 1. The only trick it can perform at this level is to greet. Do this mulitiple times, and after several attempts it may gain experience. You will be notified of this in the chat window, and a dark blue bar(its experience) will appear. Once you fill the dark blue bar to the max, your pet will reach level 2. Now it can sit. Using the sit action, you repeat until you reach level 3. At level 3, you can name your pet to your liking. You can also execute the follow command.
  • OLD STABLE SYSTEM: If your pet went hungry, or was left out without being stabled, it would lose experience, trust, and hunger. If you needed to log off, you would take your pet to a stable. There your pet could stay and last longer on food than when left out. When you stabled your pet, you would receive a notification window of the action and would then get a pet deed in your inventory. To unstable, you had to get close to a stablekeeper and double click the deed.
  • HISTORY: Taming (with pet levels capped at level 3) left Entropia in 2009 (VU10) and came back in late 2014.