Thorkell’s Tomb

Warningbox.png Thorkell’s Tomb shops closed

22nd February 2007
Due to a “design error” in the Thorkell’s Tomb area, all of the shops in this location have now been closed. MindArk is currently working to resolve the problem, and the shops will be reopened sometime in the future

Auction Results

Property Owner Final Bid
Shop Thorkell’s Tomb #1
Shop #01
Robin Solaris Hat 4,801 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb shop # 2
Shop #02
Gloria GoNi Nicestyle 4,500 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb shop # 5
Shop #05
Tryggve wolf Nordarson 5,000 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb shop # 7
Shop #07
Richard Smith Grandux 4,000 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb shop # 9
Shop #09
Archie Clipper Moonsail 5,750 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb shop # 10
Shop #10
Maureen Twister Twist 3,900 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb shop # 11
Shop #11
Antonio Amar Mar 4,051 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb lot # 1
Lot #01
Lady Nadie Hawk 4,002 PED
Thorkell’s Tomb lot # 2
Lot #02
Lady Nadie Hawk 4,104 PED

23 January 2007 – Shops on Auction

These are a small area with no building. ===
These are small 2 story buildings with no access direct from 1st & 2nd Floor ===

Not on Auction

Yet to be listed on Auction

Lot #3 – Shops #3, #4, #6 & #8
Not listed

Not listed

Not Listed

Not Listed

Thorkell’s Tomb Shopping Area

Excavations have continued under the Hjorten building in New Oxford. Archeologists and mining teams have found ancient artifacts that may suggest prehistoric inhabitants in this area. A range of new shops and boutiques have been installed in what is now known as Thorkell’s Tomb. Excavations in these underground regions will continue and are sure to involve more surprises.

    • Shop/boutique area with some character. Situated in an excavated archaeological site known as Thorkell’s Tomb. Other areas of this site are still being researched.
    • Located near the underground shops. Entrances via passages at block C and D.
  • Mobs
    • boorums have been known to spawn under the area. There have not been any sightings recently.
  • Resources
    • N/A
  • History
    • Archaeological site.
    • possibly on top of the boorums home.
  • Who was “Thorkell the Tall”?