Weapons that Save you Money (Unlimited)

NOTE: This information is old and currently undergoing a major update…

No Adjusted, Modified, Ancient or uber budget weapons listed here!

Before you consider buying any of these weapons… …DO THE FOLLOWING!!!

  1. Learn how to Hunt Smart
  2. Get your skills up to 2k Rifle, Pistol, Longblade, etc
  3. Switch back to an efficient Basic Skilling Weapon for the kill shot.

JD’s Old Top 10 (A 2015 version of this list will be published here soon)

  1. Maddox IV: One of the Fastest and most efficient weapons in the game. The FreanD Delta BLP Pistol is almost identical to the Maddox IV, a little slower but has a cheaper market price.
  2. Omegaton M2910: Great alround stats on this often overlooked, therefor affordable Laser Pistol.
  3. Castorian Combat EnBlade-9: This is a panic longblade if you aren’t carrying any of the above, It whops a whacking 106 damage and still holds a high ranking efficiency.
  4. Katsuichi Honor: More efficient than the Valor & Pride, however they both pack more of a punch with a higher damage per second.
  5. A-3 Justifier Mk.III: Nice alround stats on this Laser Carbine, great and efficient for wearing down a Mob.
  6. Fire Forge ARR 8000M: One of my favourite weapons, the aim is awesome at its max range of 135, making it great for that Pull Shot where misses can be costly.
  7. RepEdge Battle Axe 2×0: This is one of the cheapest and most efficient weapons, you should Always carry atleast 2 of these! Using an Axe is also a good way to build up your Strength Health Points.
  8. Starkhov AS-117: For BLP fans with rifle skills this is a good all round Carbine.
  9. Marber Foxtrot-Type Plasma Annihilator Mentor Ed.: Range 160, Damage 119. Whack it hard with this baby to get the mobs attentions, Then switch to a mid range weapon.
  10. Omegaton ASG-3 Warthog: Ok so its TT+1k, And BLP Rifles are not the most efficient. But for a BLP Rifle lover like myself you are going to want this on your wishlist… And a Silver Fang…. ooohhh and ML-35 Mod….. And………….

Viper81883’s addition: Any TT weapon is a good idea. The opalo and M2100 are both great economy, And I recommend any TT weapon for starter’s just to utilize the Skill increase bonus

Runners Top 10

Cheaply bought and using myself efficient weapons:

A&P Series Brave Mentor Edition with Omegaton A104 – +10 for the gun and +18 for the amp.
RepEdge Battle Axe 2×0 – won one from JD, got one from a kill, bought a few for +3 ped or so.
Katsuichi Honor – +100 on auction
Omegaton M2100 with Omegaton A104 – again, bought it really cheap.

Run my weps through your economy calculators then go buy some!

Also there are times when you need higher damage/second to survive. When that happens you are a bit less concerned with “economy” since wounding something and then getting killed by it is off the charts as far as bad economy!

Never enough time to write.. more later.

The Top 50 Most efficient weapons (Non Adjusted, Mod, Ancient, etc)

….Coming Soon