Weapons that save you money (Limited)

Warningbox.png This is an obsolete guide currently being rewritten for out 2015 rebuild. We are also updating the Comprehensive SIB Guide.

Skill Increase Bonus (SIB)

Most limited weapons offer skill gain benefits to a user who is almost, but not yet fully qualified to use that weapon at its maximum capacity.

As your skills increase, you unlock more powerful SIB weapons.

It is a bad idea to use weapon that above your SIB level.

The images below were provided by Robin Solaris, with additional edits by ‘Zar and other members.

What is it?

SIB = Skill Increase Bonus. While using a weapon in which you have not maxed out the learning curve, attacks per min, hit ability and crit hit ability, you will receive an increased number of skills gains. You can tell if a weapon is a SIB weapon or not by right clicking on it in game. In the weapons information, if it says “Never” then the weapon is not a SIB weapon. If it says: “Not yet”, “Yes”, or “Not anymore” then it is a skill weapon, and, depending on which one of the messages you see, you may or may not get an increased skill gain from that weapon. The guide below will explain more about what these weapons can do for you.

JD’s RECOMMENDATION: While I’m not a fan of chasing skills at the cost of MAX efficiency and crit rates, I still use the latest SIB weapon that I have only just maxed out. The highest limited weapon that I am qualified to use.

These graphics are provided as a help to all newer players. They will help you understand how the Skill Increase Bonus (SIB) works with weapons.

Learning Period

When you click the weapon’s info screen(right click), the table will show a number for the recommended level of using the weapon. From this level and up the “learning period” is active. The numbers below also indicate your personal ability vs. the maximum of the weapon. i.e. An attack per minute of 15/33 indicates you will attack 15 times per min versus the weapon maximum of 33.
Info screen
note: On non SIB weapons the recommended level will be 0. Learning peroid will be Never. However, the range, hit ability, and critical hit are still indicative of your ability with the weapon.

Professional Standing

To look at all of your professional standings and their current levels, open your Actions Book ingame (default key “X”). In this book you will find the star-symbol icon to gain access to the Professional Standings overview. Professional standings relate to the skills you acquire when acting in Entropia. All skills relate to certain professions, and all skills add to your levels with different impact. For a complete view of all skills and their impact, look at this page at PE WikiCharts

Professional Standings
Tip: To compare your skills with the professional level, use your related combat skills, divided by 100. For instance, as a level 15 pistoleer, you will have an average of 1500 skills related to handguns.

Max’ing out a weapon

All weapons bought from the Trade Terminal as well as the crafted or looted Limited weapons (L), have SIB within a definite range of your personal skill-level. They give you a faster skill increase as long as your ability with the weapon is less than its maximum. As soon as you have the weapon at maximum use (hit ability = 10/10 ), the skill bonus will stop, and you may enjoy the weapon’s full power. At what level this occurs is different for each weapon. Some jump to maximum very fast, some are much slower in progress.

Detailed information on each weapon can be found in weaponsand Entropedia
Below are a couple of charts showing at what level the learning period and skill bonus kicks in. Changing weapons at the correct levels will make your initial skill progress from 0 – 3000 relatively fast. Enjoy!

Rifles and Carbines + Melee


Sniper Weapons

Updated: 24 April 2007



Updated: 24/9/07 Morbid



Updated: 27 April 2007


Red lined weapons in the charts above requiring sniper profession, appear to be bugged and mistakenly giving RIFLE skills instead of handgun skills, although being clearly categorized and designed as pistols. If MA changes this sometime in the future, the charts will be modified likewise.

  • modified*

Skilling Health Points / Fist

  • Sollomate Aggressio: In the Pre Land Grab days everyone used to stand in the ring and use the lowest decay fist to skill Fist – Still the lowest decay fist by the way!
  • Here are the 3 most efficient fists for skilling against mobs.
    • Castorian EnKnuckles-A: Its in the TT. Rates 2nd on the effiency list but has bonus features for the unskilled!
    • Loughlin Smacker Two (L): When you have maxed out the TT fist move on to this one. It hits twice as hard and is the most efficient fist. It will last twice as long as well!
    • Manticore Deathbringer Mentor Edition: Not for skilling but put this on your wishlist, it has the highest Damage/Sec and all the Max Power and still rates 3rd on the efficiency list.

Skilling Health Points / Longblades

  • Castorian Combat EnBlade-A: It’s available from the TT with the bonuses that come with it, however it’s slow and you are better off with the Axe 1×0. It is certainly not one of the most economical weapons from the TT.
  • RepEdge Battle Axe 1×0: Skill up on this and then move on to the Axe 2×0.
  • RepEdge Battle Axe 2×0: Ranked as the most efficient weapon in the game (non Uber). Every player should have at least 2.
  • Katsuichi Honor: Once you have your skills up, hunt with this and switch to an axe for the Kill Swing.

Skilling Rifle

Probably the most desirable skill. However, do not touch a Rifle to skill this, instead stick with Carbines and stay away from BLP.

  • Sollomate Opalo: Get one from the TT. This weapon has some great benefits for beginners during its learning period! Once you decide you need a bit more damage, add an A101 amp.
  • [[A+P Series Brave Mentor Edition]]: Combined with an A102 amp, this will improve both your damage, your range, and your efficiency. However many people who try this gun find it’s slower rate of fire uncomfortable until they get used to it.
  • Sollomate Tasmo Mentor Edition: Move up to this if you are looking to increase your damage.
Update 6th Feb 2007
You should not use any other weapons that not support “learning period” after maxing the Opalo. Guns named above are not guns you want to use, unless you have more then 4k Rifle skill or possibly even more then that. Even a Jester D-1 does not support your skill under that rifle skill.
Instead…the moment you have maxed the Opalo, you should step up to the Breer m1a and max that, then m2a and after that m3a or you may switch to Riker UL1 after m2a at the point of transfer, where you are capable of handling the Riker UL1, after that UL2 and after that UL3…problem with the Riker atm is that it is a lootable item and doe not drop so often anymore. Also Riker UL2 is much much better then the UL3 because of it’s extra range and less decay…however all these learner weapons do decay faster and fire slower, this is the way to get best skills out of rifle.
You can not use breer m4a after Breer m3a, but have to switch to Riker UL1, possibly UL2 allready, you can choose yourself. After Riker UL3 you can possibly switch to Breer m4a, but it has a very high markup and I think it might be best to switch to the Anabolic series, since they are very economical, so that you can start hunting more economically, as you were with the Opalo…
GL from MistahE

In addition to the comments above The new charts under the SIB section of this guide will give you a good progression for Rifles and handguns- both Lasers and BLP.

Skilling Pistol

Another of the most desirable skills especially if you want to work up to guns such as the Maddox IV.

  • Mann MPH + AMP: According to PE-Wiki, it is the most efficient non-uber laser weapon when you slap an amp on it, with a record efficiency of 4.43. It does slightly more damage/sec with an A103 compared to a Opalo/A103 combo.
  • Omegaton M2100 + AMP: It has the same efficiency as the Mann + AMP but has a far lower damage per second due to the drastically reduced number of attacks. It is good as a finishing gun or to hunt small-medium mobs, with a learning bonus for the unskilled.

You cannot efficiently amp these little wonder guns anymore since the VU change limiting amp damage to +50% over the base damage… Runner.

Skilling BLP

BLP is more expensive to skill than laser but its rewards are speed and fun. See the chart above for a good BLP progression using SIB weapons.


  • Emik S30 (L): A very efficient pistol. The downside is very low damage and it is Limited. However, they can be picked up quite cheaply.
  • FreanD Alpha BLP Pistol Mentor Edition: Simply an efficient BLP Pistol to skill with.
  • FreanD Delta BLP Pistol: Eventually, set your sights on one of these. More affordable than the Maddox IV and they both share the top position as one of the most efficient guns in the game over all categories.
  • Maddox IV: Everyone wants one as it is faster than the FreanD Delta BLP Pistol but the rarity of platinum pushes the price of this crafted gun slightly out of reach.
  • Omegaton Z1002A1: This gun is worth a look as it often sneaks through auction extremely cheap. Its the 3rd most efficient BLP Pistol in game and if you keep an eye out chances are you will pick one up for TT+3 PED 🙂
  • Svempa S40 (L): This is one of the sons of VU8.7 its a great start because your HA will rise to 10/10 in no time. the only bad thing is that its L and you cant repair it.


Infobox.png Recent research by players has discovered that low TT Scopes and Sights actually have a negative effect on your hunting. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep them at a high TT or don’t use them at all.
Infobox.png When adding an amplifier to your weapon, don’t forget the 50% rule. An amplifier may only be used to it’s full potential on a weapon if it adds less than 50% of the damage of the original weapon damage

Amps (Laser)

Amps (BLP)

  • Fi/Ra/Co Dante: The most efficient option but it packs a whollop, so only use it when you a truly skilled and make sure you switch to another weapon for the last kill shots.



Currently the Dynera Laser Sight is the most cost-effective purchase on auction when you are ready to move up from the basic Abrer Laser Sight.